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2020 Elections: The Verge of Uncertainty

The 2020 Presidential election campaign quickly became one of the most controversial and dubious elections yet; even though we cannot completely confirm the cause of such confusion, reports say that the controversy came to be mainly because of the safety, economic and health crisis that was brought upon America by Covid-19.  Since these government sectors were severely and rapidly changed by the pandemic, government officials were not certain how to properly navigate many public issues, which in return resulted in an unstable and inflammatory presidential election campaign. 

America also faced great uncertainty upon choosing a President because society was not only faced with the fear and anxiety of Covid-19, but also, with the shock and desperation of events that followed the death of Mr. George Floyd.

With George Floyd’s death, the BLM movement gained more notoriety and power to move people and make their cause heard, which unfortunately also led to violent protests that propagated collateral damage. With all these rapid shifts, the presidential candidates were confused on how to better address the societal issues that were being unleashed into America at the year of their possible election, or re-election.

Since these issues contributed to the presence of angry, disappointed and unsatisfied people, potential voters were either completely one-directional in making their decision, or very much confused as to which candidate to place their trust on. This kind of uncertainty led to outrageous claims for both political parties’ presidential candidates, which consequently contributed to the dissipation of the chaotic and unhinged climate that was installed in America. 

The official election result has not been divulged just yet, however statistics tend to favor the democratic candidate Mr. Joe Biden. In his ‘acceptance’ speech, Joe Biden’s words provided much needed hope and serenity for the American people, which seems to be a more successful reassurance tactic than the one Donald Trump was providing. Mr. Trump’s ‘get it done and move on’ attitude seems to fail his re-election goal because at this time, America is not only looking for hope, but also, some kind of mitigation plan as a response to the social injustices and tragedies that were brought upon by Covid-19, BLM, violent protests, and the uncertainty of the country due to how the government addressed political instability, while facing the most important social challenges of the 21st century.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am a senior at Michigan State University, Political Science-Prelaw major; and I intend to go to law school after graduating from MSU.
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