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20 Frogs You’ll Kiss Before You Meet Your Prince

Unless you’re planning on staying with the same guy all throughout college, you will probably have a lot of ups and downs in the love department. You’ll more than likely “kiss” plenty of frogs and still not find your prince…yet. Until then, enjoy this list and realize that you’re far from alone. 
1. The First Guy 
He’s the first one to show any interest in you during your freshman year. He could end up being the guy you have your “forced freshman relationship” withnot because you really want to, but because everyone else is doing it. Probably, not the best idea.
2. The First Desirable Guy 
He drives you crazy. He’ll say all the right things at first, and he’ll have you thinking about him 24/7. You’ll overanalyze every text and plan out every conversation with him. However, if you put him on a pedestal and keep chasing him…you’ll drive him away. This isn’t love, it’s infatuation, and it’s not healthy. 
3. The Nice Guy 
The guy you’re slightly into mostly because he’s the sweetest, nicest and most respectful guy you’ve ever met. It seems like a good thing, but you’re young and you’re going want to look into eyes that flicker with mischief. You want a guy, not a Golden Retriever. 
4. The Sleazeball 
This guy only wants to hook up with you and/or cheat on his girlfriend. He’s super hot, but do yourself a favor and don’t get involved. 
5. The Friend Crush 
The guy you just can’t get enough of. He’s cute, he’s funny, and you have a bunch of mutual friends. You make each other laugh, you can talk for hours without having awkward silences, and he really gets you. Still, tread lightly when dating within your friend group. Should you break up, things could get awkward. Ross and Rachel anyone?
6. The Funny Guy
The most hilarious guy in your group of friends. He’s always the life of the party, but nothing could ever happen between you two. He might flirt with you jokingly, but in reality, both of you are fine with just being good friends. 
7. The Bad Boy 
He has a little black book thicker than a dictionary, a drug dealer on speed dial, and may be under house arrest. He doesn’t buy you flowers, has an attitude problem and flakes on plans. You’ll be attracted to him at first, because of his mad flirting skills. He definitely has his moments, but don’t chase this guy, just walk away. 
8. The Charmer
Like a bad boy, this guy has att-i-tude. He’s confident, witty, and charismatic. He’ll tease you, stand up for himself, and call you out when you’re being a brat. But unlike the bad boy, he’ll treat you with respect. This one’s a keeper. 
9. Mr. Perfect
That sexy stranger you see freshman year in Psychology 101. He’s got a perfect body, perfect face, perfect everything. One day, you’ll finally grow a “lady pair,” approach him and 
somehow form sentences. Here’s the plot twist: he’s actually nice. That’s right, hot and nice! Say whaaaat?
10. The Guy That Just Won’t Quit
Don’t be mean to this guy. He might be awkward and chubby right now, but give him a couple years to get in shape, bulk up, gain some social skills, and miraculously become HOT. It happens, so always be nice to the guys who flirt with you and at least let them know you’re flattered.
11. The Creep
The guy you were set up with who adds you on Facebook right after the first date. He likes all your posts, keeps messaging you, and constantly want to hang out. Desperate much?
12. The Guy Who’s Been There All Along 
He’s your childhood friend, on-and-off boyfriend, or casual acquaintance that you suddenly develop feelings for. It hits you out of nowhere, but it hits hard.
13. The Tinder Guy
Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left. “Ugh, why aren’t there any cute guys on these hookup, ahem, dating apps? Oh wait, this guy is pretty cute. Hey, he seems normal too and he’s funny! HE COULD BE THE ONE! Oh wait, he just sent nudes. Nevermind.” 
14. The Guy Who’s Perfect On Paper
This is the guy who has everything you’re looking for. He’s cute, smart, funny and your friends love him. Plus, you’re both addicted to Breaking Bad. Yet, there’s one problem: you’re just not that into him. You want the chemistry to be there so badly, but in the end, you can’t force a spark that just isn’t there. 
15. The Opposite
Unlike “The Guy Who’s Perfect on Paper,” you have nothing in common with this guy. You’ve never really had a good conversation; you actually don’t even like spending time with him. Although, he has one thing going for him: he’s hot…but that’s about it.
16. The Player
The flirting between you two is intense and you dream about the day he finally makes a move. Except…he has no intention to ask you out. The flirting just feeds his ego. Again, don’t chase this guy. He’s not worth your time. 
17. The Fling
Also know as “The Vacay Bae,” he’s the cute guy you meet at work on summer vacation or study abroad. Too bad you have to go back to school soon. Oh well! Just go into this with minimal expectations and have fun while it lasts. There’s nothing like a good summer romance!
18. The Guy You Can’t Have
He might be your brother’s best friend, TA, or just a guy who rejected you. Basically, you know you can’t have him and knowing that makes you want him even more. 
19. The Backup
The guy you know you could date, but probably won’t. Admit it, he’s not half bad. Maybe you two can make one a “When-We-Turn-Forty” deal. (How I Met Your Mother reference, anyone?)
20. The Party Guy
You locked eyes, you talked, you laughed, you danced. Maybe he bought you a drink, maybe you made out. You exchange numbers, he finally texts you, you have an awkward coffee date, and you give each other an awkward hug goodbye. You tell yourself that first dates are always awkward, and you might as well give it a shot. Who knows where it could go? Until the moment hetexts you for a second date and you realize you really don’t care enough to go out of your way to see him again. Then you “forget” to respond, order Thai food, and binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Who needs guys anyway? 
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