15 Inspirational Reminders You Didn’t Know You Needed

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It’s always difficult to find your routine after spring break’s teaser of freedom. With finals looming and summer seeming oh-so far away, motivations begin to slip, and we start losing faith in our capabilities. Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder that we’ve got this -- and success is in arm’s reach.

Here are 15 inspirational quotes, as seen in Erin Condren’s monthly planner, to get you through the remainder of the semester.


1. Do what you love; love what you do.

2. Everything you now know was once unknown.

3. Make room for good things to begin.

4. Don’t count the days; make the days count.

5. Your greatest success is believing in yourself.

6. The best time for new beginnings is now.

7. You are capable of wonderful things.

8. You always have time for the things you put first.

9. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

10. Always see the glass half full.

11. Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn.

12. Beautiful minds inspire others.

13. Be open to whatever comes next.

14. Things are about to get really good.

15. Ideas can happen anywhere.


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