12 (Super) Last Minute Costumes You Can Pull Together within Minutes


Whether you got invited to a last-minute party, procrastinated, or decided to dress up within the last 60 seconds, there are costumes you can find within your own closet and a few that you can pull together very quickly with just one trip to the store or your friends closet.

  1. 1. Fruit

    Perfect for a group costume. For this, all you have to do is draw or paint the pattern of a fruit onto an oversized t-shirt that matches the color of that fruit and top it off with a green bandana or bow.

  2. 2. Your favorite movie, TV show, or even book character

    For this one, your best bet would be to rummage through your closet because there must be something in there that matches the style of one of your favorite characters. If possible, you should try and top it off with something that represents the book, show, or movie that your character is from.

  3. 3. A Witch

    All you need to do is grab a hat and wear all black, or an outfit that’ll match with the hat.

  4. 4. A Scarecrow

    For this one, the main thing you need is to do your makeup. To add to the costume you could braid your hair, add a flannel, jeans, and cowboy boots— or any type of boots really.

  5. 5. A Cowgirl (and a cowboy)

    This one is super easy— all you need is a cowboy hat! But, same as above, you could add to the outfit to make it better.

  6. 6. Frat guys

    Must I say more? Over-used? Yes. Will it ever get old? No.

  7. 7. A Tourist

    You could take several angles with this one, but it is something you can pull together with things out of your closet and a trip to the dollar store.

  8. 8. Devil and/or angel

    All you really need for this are horns and a halo, but if possible you should definitely go all out with red and white tops, shoes or other accessories, and do your make up— just make sure if doing it as a pair you each match each other's efforts.

  9. 9. An Athlete

    Literally just pull a jersey out of your closet (or someone else’s closet) and you’re set.

    • 10. Any animal

      This depends on the animal, but you can do literally anything you want with this.

    • 11. A meme

      Unless you already have something in mind, this could be a little tricky— but if you have any ideas, you could easily pull this one off with little effort.

    • 12. A Bratz doll

      This is another one where you mainly just have to do your makeup and your hair, then find an outfit from your closet that’ll match. This would also be super fun to do as a group costume.

    While some of these costumes are a little overused, others are unique and you can definitely find something on this list that you have the time and resources for with no problem.