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10 Things to do in East Lansing

Many people don’t realize it when they pick Michigan State University, but the East Lansing/Lansing area is actually packed with great things to do!


Here are the top ten things we love to do:


1.  Archives and Curious Book Shop

Even if reading isn’t your thing, stop into one of these two bookstores located on Grand River to see antique books, postcards, and posters.


2. Grand River Coffee

Not many places offer things like gelato, but right on Grand River you can stop in and grab a coffee and some sweet gelato to make your summer treat just a little more exciting than your favorite Dairy Store order.


3. MSU Botanical Gardens

During the spring and summer months this is one of the prettiest places on campus. With all the flowers and plants in bloom, this makes the perfect area for a study spot or a quick picnic.


4. Museums

Right on MSU’s campus there are two different museums, both have a great price – especially for MSU students.


5. SCENE Metro-Space

Just off of Grand River is SCENE Metro Space East Lansing’s alternative art space. Check their calendar online for the next show!


6. Old Town

A small area of Lansing that is full of eclectic stores and one-of-a kind restaurants.


7. Mac’s Bar

Mac’s is that great hole in the wall kind of bar that has lots of local band shows. Check the dates to hear some of Lansings greatest muscisians.


8. Lansing City Market

Right downtown and is home to some great local artisans. If you’re looking to buy local, check out Lansing’s City Market


9. Lansing Art Gallery

Not too far from the Capitol you will find Lansing Art Gallery, a small gallery that hosts some of the best Michigan artists. One half of the gallery is set for unique art purchases and the other half hosts original shows usually featuring Michigan artists.


10. Lansings Downtown

Downtown Lansing is a great place to spend an afternoon. There are a bunch of original restaurants to get you away from those boring franchises; there are great sites to see (hello Capitol) and unique bars.



The four years in East Lansing are known to speed by. While it may be hard to not spend it all your time at the Library and partying with friends, don’t forget to be a tourist in your town. Take time to see all of the great things Lansing has to offer.

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