November Playlist

Welcome to Her Campus at Mississippi State's first playlist! November Finds is a mix of old and new songs from multiple genres and varying artists. Let this playlist give you 90 minutes of good vibes, warmth, and newfound favorites!

Trampoline- SHAED featuring ZAYN

Trampoline’s use of whistle tones in the background, is a unique take on this slow-burning trend. Whistle tones have been an emerging sound in choruses, back tones, and openings, first popularized lately by the Peter Bjorn and John track, Yong Folks. Trampoline slips the whistle tones in wonderfully between the second chorus and allowing it to finish throughout the song, giving it a spotlight while SHAED vocalizes.

Dancing with a Stranger- Sam Smith featuring Normani

If there is a more iconic duo in recent music, I can’t find it. Smith’s strong voice blends gorgeously with Normaniʻs smoky silk timbre first in a short lyric and later again for a full chorus and as they finish out the song with stray lyrics and vocals. the control they both have in their voices is incredible, being able to both blend and separate their identifiable voices is a subtle step above the rest. I eagerly yearn for another song from them. 

Mariposa-Peach Tree Rascals

Mariposa’s poppy upbeat tones are created by its rhythmic kick-drum and vintage-sound inspired keyboard. This track puts your head in the clouds thinking of your S.O. or that crush you’ve had your eye on for a while with its soft and airy vocals.

Sun-Two Door Cinema Club

From Two Door Cinema Club’s 2012 album, Beacon, this “oldie but goodie” is a great reminder of the warmth and joy of the summer recently passed in the cold November weather. Sun’s opening has a slow and muted build up to its lively overtone. The song’s trumpets quicken the pace and bring the solemn lyrics positivity to match the bright title.


Reagan Thornley


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