This Just In: The One Year Anniversary of Mac Miller’s Death

One year ago the beloved Mac Miller passed away by overdose. Mac Miller was said to be heartbroken over his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande becoming engaged to Pete Davidson. However, many fans believed this was not the reason for Miller’s passing. The main belief is that it was an accidental overdose. However, this past week a Hollywood Hills man was arrested for selling Mac Miller, laced pills two weeks before his death one year ago. 


    Cameron James Petit, 28, is facing federal charges for selling Mac Miller counterfeit pharmaceutical oxycodone laced with fentanyl. He was arrested the morning of September 4, 2019 by special DEA agents and the Los Angeles Police Department. 


    Petit was arrested after a complaint was filed against him for distribution of a controlled substance. 


    According to the sworn statement, Petit and others sold Mac Miller the drugs laced with fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol two days before he died of an overdose. Mac Miller died September 7, 2018 in Studio City, California and it was later determined by the Los Angeles Medical Coroner of the mixed drug toxicity. 


    Fentanyl has been used to lace common pharmaceutical controlled drugs in acts of violence across America.


 In Booneville, Mississippi there was a case of two deaths and three hospitalized due to a drug deal gone bad. State DEA Officials worked closely in determining who was behind the scandal. It was later determined the suspect was dead, he was found in his home slumped over the table snorting what he thought was cocaine but was actually cocaine laced with fentanyl. The suspect was unaware that he was selling the laced drugs to the victims. However, Booneville Police later found that his supplier laced the drugs to punish someone for owing him money, and in the process the drugs were mixed up and distributed to the public. This was never supposed to happen but is always a constant threat in America’s war against drugs. 


We owe it to the families of these victims to at least lock up the dealers who distributed this cheap and poisonous drug. 


If charged with drug trafficking, Petit will face a maximum of twenty years in prison. 


On this one-year anniversary of artist Mac Miller’s death, fans are saddened to learn that his death was more than just an accident. In the memory of Mac Miller, fans are listening to his latest album “Swimming” and hoping that his dealer is charged appropriately to the case. 


“People change and things go wrong, just remember life goes on.” - Mac Miller 


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