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Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow

    Like many, I often find myself down the Instagram rabbit hole of stalking and exploring random pages. While Instagram is an easy way to pass the time, it’s even easier to lose productivity and get lost in a superficial world. Luckily, several pages use their platform to educate and serve their communities. Here are some pages that will hopefully enrich your screen time.

  1. @adulting101: Where are all my Dance Moms fans at??!! Former reality star Christi Lukasiak created this page to equip women in their early twenties with the knowledge to prepare them for the real world. From live streams, Q&A’s, crash course programs, and posts, Lukasiak’s goal is to teach what is not taught to us in school. With this page only launching in June, Adulting101 has covered credit, imposter syndrome, laundry, decorating, cooking, and even how to send professional emails. This is a must for any young woman experiencing some sort of independence for the first time and in look for some guidance. As Christi says, she is happy to be your “cyber mom.”

  2. @advocates.vintage: If you love a good thrift find, this one is for you. Oregon based, this page offers some revamped and trendy styles that are then bid on in the comment section. Advocates Vintage ships anywhere in the US, so no worries if you’re not an Oregon local. Not only will you get a one of kind piece, but your money also goes to a great cause! Find out where your money goes on #3!!

  3. @closeddoorministry: Esther Eubank, founder of Advocates Vintage and Closed Door Ministry, created this page to help sexual abuse victims heal. She wants the ministry to “invite survivors into community, provide a platform for testimonies, and build up advocates.” This page not only spreads awareness for sexual abuse but also gives the message of hope for those who need it. This page is a valuable resource to many, and your money from @advocates.vintage will continue to fund this ministry. The money will help provide more resources, and even a future book filled with testimonies that deserve to be heard.

  4. @astartingpoint: Chris Evans might play Captain America on screen, but he’s also very involved in American politics. In a very divided country and a big election coming up this year, Chris Evans created A Starting Point to provide answers on key issues directly from congress! That’s right, elected officials speak on current topics that matter right now, helping educate Americans and providing a perspective from both sides. If you’re tired of the news being interpreted and mediated through random sources, this provides direct answers from the officials, without all of the BS. If you are a first-time voter, I would highly recommend this account. I have learned about prominent issues from different perspectives, and most importantly, in a civil manner. 

No matter what you’re into on Instagram, it’s important to find a handful of accounts that help educate and inform you while you’re scrolling. Whether it’s these accounts above, or you found some on your own, spend your time on Instagram instead of wasting it.


~Emily Smith

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