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Is He Cheating? How to Know

Girls just have a keen sense to know when something isn’t right in a relationship. Have you ever heard someone say, “I just have a gut feeling?” Well if you have, you should trust it. There are signs to look for in the relationship if you have a feeling your boyfriend is cheating.  We all learn our boyfriends’ routines and know when something is off. I always say, “the more knowledge you have, the more power you have to recognize the signs.”

We are all protective over our cell phones to a degree, but if your boyfriend is more protective over his phone than usual, this is a clear sign he is hiding something or someone. For example, if the phone rings and he leaves the room to answer it. Another classic example would be if he usually leaves his phone out and suddenly keeps it close to him at all times. 

Knowing his usual routine and paying attention is key to recognize if he is cheating. For example, if your boyfriend usually gets out of class or work, heads to the gym, and then home to see you and now is calling you and telling you he is stopping by hanging out with friends or staying longer at the gym, this is a warning sign. Relationships have a tendency to become pretty routine. 

Another sign that your boyfriend could be cheating is if you notice if he is acting secretive. When you ask him where he is or what he has been doing, he is vague and just answers short answers as “just hanging out.” If your boyfriend is used to sharing events of his day and now is becoming more distant and vague, take this as a warning sign. Of course, distance is not only in language, but in intimacy too. Notice if he is less affectionate towards you. 

These are just signs to look for if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you. The key is knowing your partner and noticing any behavior that is out of the ordinary. I was cheated on before in a relationship and I just had a bad feeling. My boyfriend usually came over every night right after work, visited with my parents, ate dinner with us and then we would snuggle and laugh before saying good night. He all of a sudden would call and say that he was going to hang out at his house for a while or his brothers before coming to my house. When he got to my house, he was quiet and hardly spoke to my family when he arrived. Things just weren’t right. We would text throughout the day and his messages became shorter and he said he just had a lot going on at work, then sent me a text saying he was worried about our relationship because we were arguing. In reality, we weren’t even arguing and I felt like he was looking for an excuse to get out of the relationship. At the end of the relationship, he said he just had to get his head on straight before he messed up. 

In conclusion, the more knowledge you have about your boyfriend, the more power you will have to recognize the warning signs. Pay attention to any behavior that is out of the ordinary. I wish I could say that all girls are respectful of other girls and their relationships, but in reality, no relationship is safe. All relationships have ups and downs and puts each other at a vulnerable state from time to time. Its in the vulnerable states that other girls tempt your boyfriend and threaten your relationship. Ultimately, it is the boyfriend who chooses to cheat and then the result is the consequence.