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Holidays are meant for fun, loved ones, and social time. However, this has become increasingly difficult with the pandemic. That doesn't mean fun still can't be had while following social guidelines and precautions.  If anything, fun is important now more than ever. Here are a few festive ideas to celebrate Halloween instead of huge parties or trick or treating. 

  1. Decorating Pumpkins: Ah yes, the tried and true festivity that basically embodies Halloween and all of autumn. This doesn't just have to be pumpkin carving though, various other things can be done! You can carve your favorite designs, paint them, or draw them with markers. You can also get creative and use other items to decorate like glitter, stickers, rhinestones, etc. Then bake the leftover pumpkin seeds for a tasty treat!

  2. Virtual Costume Party: Just because people can't all be together doesn't mean the fun has to end. Just hop onto Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Facetime, or whatever you use and show off your costume. Then, you and your friends can cast a vote for the best costume. The winner receives the honor of being a virtual creative genius. 

  3. Halloween Movie Marathon and Board Games: There is no better way to spend a 'lax holiday night in than with binging Halloween movies- from all things Disney to slasher thrillers. Grab your favorite board games, snacks, warm drinks, and blankets for the coziest and spookiest of nights. 

  4. Bake Off: Make your favorite sugar cookie or cupcake recipes (homemade or store-bought) and then decorate them as festive as possible. Then, you, your friends, family, roomies, or whoever, can judge who has the best design.

  5. Costume Photoshoot: Who doesn't love a good photo op? Just because you're not at a large party like normal doesn't mean the costuming has to stop. So, throw on your costume and take some pics to show off to Instagram.

 Here's to kind of feeling like normal.

~Ashley Anderson

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