Fill me up



Fill Me Up


You read it right ladies. What is it exactly that we want from a man? To fill us up in one way or another. No, I don’t mean in a sexual reference... mostly. But I mean we want them to fill us up with affirmation, attention, affection, companionship, love, acceptance, and so much more. So many women search for these things with a man and come up completely filled with more empty promises and misguided notions than anything else. I am not saying men are crap or that they are bad people. What I am saying is that we as women crave that part of love that fills up the part of us that we feel like we can’t fill on our own. Relationships are amazing, worth celebrating, and also….worth waiting for. Until the time comes when a man can fill these parts of you in an endearing, love guided, hopeless romantic kind of way, learn to fill yourself up. I say that completely knowing I make these mistakes daily. A man can say bless you after I sneeze, and I might picture what our kids would look like because sometimes it feels like that was the most genuine act of kindness I’ve received from a man in a long time. 

In today’s world it is so difficult to find a kind, endearing, sincere man that truly aims to know the girl that is behind the rock wall. So many lose focus on what a relationship really consists of and takes to build and keep steady, and because of this, most don’t even see the point in trying. “It’s too much work,” “I’m too scared,” “What’s the point?” We’ve all heard it and we’ve all felt it at one point or another. But in reality, if someone truly cares, or even slightly finds you interesting past your initial looks, they will put the effort in to know who you are and ultimately take the steps to becoming someone who will fill you up in all of the ways you crave. 

I know sometimes it seems like the wait is never-ending, but it isn’t. I’m in my waiting period currently, finally getting away from those empty promises that guys tend to give just to get me in my nice 1,000 thread count sheets that they don’t deserve. But sometimes you have to make stupid decisions and feel really crappy about yourself in order to stand up and make yourself believe that you deserve more than some retired frat boy named Kyle that still uses Snapchat as his only form of communication. Ladies, we can do better and I think it’s about time we stop giving into words without reliable actions following. Until we stop letting these nice-looking guys tell us we are the prettiest girl at the bar will be enough for us, we can’t expect different results. We are worthy of so much more, but you have to believe that in order to live in the power and glory of it.