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Back to school is something that many of us were unsure we would hear this year. Plenty of students like me feared we would not have the opportunity to experience college life our freshmen year. Now that we have made it to school and have our first week under our belt, we remain uncertain about the future.

Through all the uncertainty and changes, many students face new stress and anxiety. In my experience this first week of school has been stressful not only because of the confusing hybrid classes but also because of my fears as an immune suppressed individual.

Moving back into semi-normal life seems so strange to me now. Even though I have moved into my dorm and settled in, I like many others fear that it will all change, and quarantine part II will begin. I find that to make new friends and live my best college life, I have to let down my guard in many ways, forcing me outside my comfort zone and my germ-free bubble.

In today’s environment I find that we can only sacrifice so much before life becomes boring and lonely. Taking precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces, and washing your hands can make the difference in staying healthy or getting sick. We have to trust that our friends will do their best to maintain these precautions so that we can maintain our in-person friendships and our health both as individuals and as a community.

Today a healthy balance of trust and precaution help us to maintain happiness and health. Never be afraid to remind someone to wash their hands or keep their distance, if we all do our part, hopefully we will be back to school for the whole semester and maybe even the whole year!


~~Jordan Moore

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