5 Red Flags to know so you can Swipe Left

When you are single in today’s society, you may find yourself wondering if you should download Tinder. Whether it's just pure curiosity or if you want to put yourself in the dating game, I have advice so that you can steer clear and swipe left instantly if you find any of these characteristics in their photos or bio. 


  1. When they have their ex- girlfriend in the photo

When a guy posts pictures of their ex-girlfriend it usually means that they just got out of that relationship. And who really wants to be a rebound? No one. So, ladies, there’s usually a reason why he’s on Tinder so quickly after a relationship, so keep that in consideration. 

  1. When their bio only contains their height 

Mostly everyone loves a tall guy but when it’s one of the biggest things that they advertise, it usually means that they couldn’t even come up with what I like to call a ‘one liner.’ It probably also means that they lack a good personality and couldn’t come up with anything better to feature on their Tinder profile. So what if they are 6” or taller? It’s probably not even worth the match. 

  1. When there's only one photo

This one is just common-sense with the whole world knowing what catfishing is. You have to wonder if this photo is actually them. Sometimes the one photo that they do post is two guys and you could never know which one it actually is. What kind of person only has one photo of themselves in this day and age? With all the different social media platforms out there, there's no reason for someone to only have one photo of themselves. 

  1. When they only give you their snapchat without conversing first

Usually when this happens, you’ll add the guy and talk for a few days and then after that you never talk to them again. Whether it’s because you end up getting busy or snapchatting someone you don’t know can just be plain awkward. Then you’ll find yourself watching someone’s story and wondering “how do I even know them?” To avoid the confusion and having random men on a more ‘personal’ social media, just swipe left. 

  1. When their profile only has selfies (or mirror selfies)

Guys don’t typically take selfies on a regular basis. So, most likely they took these selfies just for their Tinder profile, which can be sometimes questionable. Tinder is all about presenting yourself in a good way, so why would someone post a selfie that is usually taken in a weird angle?


These are only a few things that girls should look for when they are swiping left and right on Tinder. Look out for these red flags to avoid awkward conversations and interactions with people that you do not even know. Stay safe & keep swiping ladies!