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4 Tips to Stay Motivated During Online Class

1.Have a Clean Space

I work best in a clean environment whether that’s my living room or my bedroom. It’s easier to stay focused and on track when there are fewer distractions. Take 5 minutes before your Zoom call or before you go to bed at night to pick up your space!

2.Light a Candle

I don’t know about y’all, but candles always make me feel good. Light your favorite candle before class or before you start homework to give yourself a little boost before getting to work.

3.Create a Class Schedule

Since we don’t all have designated class times, I’ve found it helpful to create my own. I work on 3 of my classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the other 2 on Tuesday and Thursday. It keeps me from letting the day pass me by and holds me accountable as a normal class schedule would.

4. Get ready for an online class like you’re going to in-person classes

Getting up in the morning is the hardest part of the day and probably the best thing we can do for ourselves. Go a step further and get ready as you have somewhere to be. Maybe it’s the preparation or maybe we’re tricking our brains, but by getting ready to leave you’ve already completed so many tasks. You put yourself in the right headspace to be productive.   I wanted to make a list that not only helped you accomplish school tasks but makes you feel good too! The best thing we can do in these trying times is to take care of ourselves.  

~Mollie Stringer

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