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Women’s History Of The World

Usually history readings are redundant and boring, full of names and dates and things we already know, but this week we stumbles upon something a little more interesting. The name of the article is, The Womens History Of The World and this article gives the world a whole new perspective on the way the involvement of women in
the early times. The thing that caught my interest the most though was not how women helped bring up civilization; it was the facts on the first page. Women are X and men are Y. I’ve always known thisneverthought about it. I always thought that X and Y were just random letters chosen by scientists to represent these pieces of DNA.  What I did not know is that these names were chosen because the DNA strands are shaped like an X and a Y.  I was absolutely amazed and in love with the idea that the men chromosome is not a purposeful piece of DNA, but a mistake; a genetic mutation and failure to grow the fourth stem of the X. The idea that all men are, from conception, failures and mistakes makes the world so much more clear, and so muchmoreconfusing all at the same time. As chromosomes women are ideal, they are perfection, but currently in the real world women
are generally looked down at and seen inferior. Men run the world, men are chosen for thebest jobs; men are generally always in charge. But where would men be without women? Nowhere. Even before civilization women were doing more than half of the work in order to keep their society a float. Men cannot even procreate without women. Without women society would be nothing but apes scratching themselves and fighting to see who can carry the biggest stick. Yet women are still looked down upon. Where in time did the change take place? Whatstupid man one day woke up and decided that he is superior to the women that had been keeping him alive for so long? What would the world be like if that man had been shot at the slightest mention of this theory? Would the world be a more prosperous and peaceful society if the men of the world would stop competing for superiority and went back to following the almighty woman?

The second thing that came to my mind when reading this article is that we are all related to one woman. This small little idea left me with so many unanswered questions! Just one woman started all of society, but who was the man. Was this woman having sex with monkeys at first in order to create children? What genetic mistakecaused this woman to have the DNA traits that would be passed down to eventually begin all of the humans in the world? It’s so confusing.  If this one woman began society she must have been an extreme slut! This woman began who knows how many family lines all by living a 1970’s lifestyle and we should thank her! But when women in this day and age consider being free and doing what makes them happy, it is frowned upon. Women are seen as dirty and disgusting if they enjoy having sex with a multitude of men, but no one would exist if it were not for women life this, women who would in today’s age be consider whores! Things like this should really make people look at the way  society handles different social situations, and maybe even how they should try to change them.

Cassandra is a sophomore majoring in graphic design with a double minor in business and digital arts at Moore College of Art & Design. Cassandra is the founder and president of the HC branch at her school. She is a proud jersey girl who loves to be loud. In her free time you can find Cassandra working at Starbucks, partying, riding something fast, or trying something new. One thing is for sure wherever she is you will be sure to hear her! Cassandra loves to meet new people and do anything fun! She loves the color purple, sneakers, jeans, and of course her computer. After college Cassandra hopes to own her own advertising company and work for famous sneaker brands.
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