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Want Worthy, Online Shopping List!

     Calling all shoppers, from the ultimate fashionista to the boyfriend who somehow finds himself jumping from site to site looking for something his girlfriend, and or boyfriend might want. Shopping online makes it possible toget what you want without leaving the comfort of your own home. Yes, 
shopping online has indeed made our lives easier, but I have to admit, there is one major flaw to online shopping. With online shopping we’re forced to bookmark a page so that we don’t forget the website that has those perfect shoes, purse, or whatever we are looking for and since we don’t only shop at one place all of the time we accumulate lots and lots of bookmarked pages. So you can imagine my excitement when a friend of mine told me about “Want Worthy”, a website created by one of his friend and his girlfriend.
     If you consider yourself to be a window shopper like me (someone who visually shop before making the final decision to whip out the plastic) and find it difficult to remember what you’ve been looking at and the price of a specific item, or all of the different sites you’ve had to visit, “want worthy” helps you to create your ultimate fashion wish list. You can add to your list from any site, come back a week later, a month later or the same day and see all the items that you have saved. You can organize them to your liking and get feed back from friends, who can by the way follow you like on twitter. Then once your ready to purchase, you click the buy button and it takes you back to the original website so you can purchase those beautiful Jimmy Choos!
      Want worthy comes with a lot more perks then mentioned, making the average shopping experience the ultimate experience. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and there are no fee’s. So, whether your shopping for yourself, or just don’t seem to know what to get that friend that has everything, want worthy is definitely for you. Follow your friends, see what they have on their fashion wish list, and surprise them with it. Create your list, hope your friends will buy it for you. Or  once you’ve found all the best prices, pull out your credit card and go crazy.
Visit the website and try it out yourself! www.wantworthy.com

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