Lisa Suszek

Name Lisa Suszek
Age    22
Grade   Senior
Major/Minor   Illustration, Graphic Design

What made you become an illustration major? What was your original major?
I wanted to become an Illustrator because I love to draw. Originally I wanted to be an Art Education major and become a teacher.

What would your advice be to someone trying to choose/rechoose their major?
Do your research about the different fields you're interested in. Talk to people, professors, and go with your heart. Don't be afraid to take the tougher road if that direction will make you happier in the long run.

What made you interested to minor in graphic design?
I loved working on the computers and using type. I also had an amazing professor named Nancy Stock-Allen who saw my talent and really encouraged me to take more classes and refine my skills.

Is there a lot of overlap with illustration and graphic design?
I think that there is. Illustrations need to be formatted, they go somewhere weather it be a book, a magazine, or a website. You become more conscious of where type is placed, how big the image is being reproduced, and if your illustration can graphically make sense.
Graphic Designers need good drawing skills. You are still sending a message so clarity of image making is very important. Either way If you just slap down an image or text and you don't know how to do it and the best way to make it look good, you'll create a piece that is incoherent and unpleasant to look at.

Would you encourage illustrators to take g.d. classes? Why or Why not?
Yes Yes Yes! Learn About type and the more graphic side of things. Illustrators need to be conscious of type placement, and about whether their Illustration is simple enough. Sometimes less is more.
What was your internship? What was it like doing a graphic design internship? What were some projects?
I interned at Corley Designs in Merion, PA. I had a great time at my internship and I had a lot of creative freedom. I designed invitations and graphics for events like baby showers, birthdays, and bar/bat mitzvah. I learned so much about the printing process and sending files to the printer, how to interact with clients, and I really got to develop my own style. Some of the projects I got to do was a  lovely baby shower invitations, lines of stationary and thank you cards, and an entire surprise 40th birthday at Yards Brewery and I even got to help with the party styling.

What are your plans after school?
I would love to work at Urban Outfitters! I'm also really interested in Licensing so getting into that field is also one of my goals.
Any advice for people looking for jobs/internships in the design world?
Use any resources your school can offer you, and don't stop looking apply everywhere your interested in and always keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Any tips on networking? 
Talk to everyone! Carry business cards and don't forget to follow up. You never know who you'll meet and people will learn about what you do and you could get a job out of it. Also be genuine. People know when you are being fake or insincere.

If you weren't a designer, what would you be?
I would have been a historian.  I always felt that the past foreshadows the future and you should learn from people's mistakes so as not to repeat them.

Is there any advice you would give to young designers and illustrators?
Draw and network! Also go with your gut and do what you love. It will make you happy in the long run if you do what you love and put in the time now.