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Kenny Deprez

Name: Kenny Deprez ?

Where did you attended school, and what was your major???
Going into undergraduate studies, I knew I wanted to do something with art. My art experience in high school was pretty mediocre and the only thing I excelled at was wood-shop and a desktop publishing class (aka early Photoshop and computer art). In my first year of college at Loyola University of New Orleans, I took a drawing class, which introduced me to charcoal and that changes everything–I could suddenly draw. I could get messyand still make something look recognizable. I was hooked. I finished my undergrad degree at Goddard College in Vermont, in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Multi-Media Arts. ?Graduate School followed shortly after at the Maine College of Art; in a program much like Moore’s new MFA program, which emphasizes open studio inquiry rather than a discipline base program (sculpture major, painting major, etc). My degree from the Maine College of Art is a Master in Studio Art and Critical Theory.? ?

Tell us a little bit about yourself. ??
I grew up in Southern Maine. I spent a lot of time near the ocean. I love the outdoors. I met my wife at the Maine College of Art. She is also from Maine. Our trips to Maine involve a lot driving to see family all over the southern part of the state. We have three cats and seven snakes (one ball python and six sand boas). We have a collection of (strange) instruments, most of which are hand made–here’s a short list: two didgeridoos, two traditional style Theremins, one optical Theremin, one stripped down pump organ, a tongue drum (made from a propane-tank), a berimbau (which I made), a stylophone, melodica, jr. accordion, a couple of thumb pianos, a singing bowl, a few drums, a piano, and the list goes on. This is all to say I am fascinated by things that make noise but really I only dream of having the time to play any these, more realistically I hope to one day incorporate more them into artworks. But you can check out my YouTube videos to see how a few instruments have made their way into the spotlight.??
www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBXu2_6BhOo? ??

What are currently teaching this semester???
This semester I am teaching 3D Design and In Motion. In Motion is an animation class where students get to experiment with different types of animation from flipbooks to flash animations.

What made you interested in teaching???
I guess I have had a couple of really good teachers that inspired me.??

Did you always want to become a teacher???
I realized I wanted to teach one day when I was babysitting the son of a farmer I was working for. It was a beautiful day on the farm, and I was teaching the little guy how to swing, “lean forward, and lean back…” And then he just got it, and understood the action in his body. I really do believe in experiential learning.

?? I know you work at the Wilma Theater. What do you do there??? The short answer is, I am the Facilities Manager. Which means I have to worry about the building. But really what can be said is that I am an artist working for a small non-profit arts organization and I get asked to do a lot of things that they know I can do. And the bottom line is “the show must go on.” I would be bored if all I did there was facility things. I am the in-house video expert, which has given me some bigger opportunities to work on video projects. I also work on the sets, and props. Everyday I am working on something new; routine is not part of my job description.? ?

What is the coolest thing you have ever worked on for the theater???
I was once called into the Production Manager’s Office and was told that the play called for a melting door. In Hysteria by Terry Johnson a farce about a meeting between Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali the play climaxes with Freud trying to leave his study when the door melts instead of opening. The play was like a Dali painting coming to life. Anyway I was asked if I had any ideas about how to make that happen on stage in front of an audience every night- and also to have it return to normal for the final scenes. So I gave some ideas– and after listening to me they said, “wow that sounds great, and is that something you can do?”?? The door I was to make melt was on a raked stage (forced perspective)So I had to wait for the scenery shop to provide the basic wood panel door which I then made a mold of. Then using silicone rubber (the good stuff) I poured a very stretchy wood grain panel door to be use on stage. It was then painted with special effects paint to look just a real door that was right next to it. Now normally the rubber would sag when standing vertical, so my door was screwed to a wooden backing and magnets added to hold it in place. Also a brass door handle was rigged into place until the scene when the actor reaches for it. At that moment the handle is let free and the actor pulls a very stretchy door which does not open, as he then gives up and releases the handle the rubber door slingshots back into it normal wood-looking position. ??

What is the most important thing student should take away from foundation year??
That ideas come from doing.

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