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Interior Designer: Kellie Reagan

Kellie Reagan
Grade: Senior
Major: Interior Design
Age: 21
What made you interested in interior design?
I have been interested in Interior Design for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I always loved when my parents would do home renovations because that meant that I got to help them paint and get messy. I would say my true passion for design began in high school. During my junior year, I took an Interior Design class and fell in love! I found it absolutely fascinating. I knew that Interior Design was the path I wanted to take for my career.

What is the most important part of Interior Design?
I would say the most important part is to have confidence. Believe in your work and know that your designs are unique just like you. Being able to sell your design to others is very important in the design world. If you have confidence, you can conquer anything!

Where did you intern, and what was it like?
For my internship I interned at Rose Authentica, a small Residential/Commercial design firm in Wilmington, Delaware. Being from Delaware myself, I wanted to find a firm that fit my personality and was local. I knew that a small firm would be the perfect fit for me! Being from a small town where everyone knows everyone, I was striving to find a firm that allowed me to feel like I was part of the team. I really fit in well at Rose Authentica. By working in a small firm I was able to get the one on one attention that I was looking for. I worked side by side with Rose, the lead designer, for the entire summer and learned valuable information that I will use into my career. I did everything from ordering furniture to providing drawings for the clients! After the summer ended, Rose hired me full time after graduation and I will be starting there full time in May. I am so excited to go back to Rose Authentica.

Any advice to anyone looking for Interior design Internships? Get your name out there! Meet as many people as you can and the chances of finding a great place to intern will eventually fall into place. What are your plans for after you graduate? After graduation, I will be working for Rose Authentica INC. I am looking forward to being out in the job force and making my own income. I plan on taking what I have learned here at Moore as well as my internship and become a better designer because of it.

If you were not an Interior Designer, what would you be?
If I was not an Interior Designer, I would definitely be a psychologist. I have a secret love for psychology and the impact it has on people. I love to listen and give advice to those who need it. Interior design is my creative side which is the side I enjoy the most, and psychology is the caring side of me that wants to help people.

What is your senior thesis about? Where did you get your inspiration?
My thesis project is about dignity. I intend to explore this idea by creating a Hospice Home for the terminally ill. My concept came to me mid way through the semester when I lost a loved one due to Pancreatic Cancer. By spending time in and out of the Hospice homes in Delaware my eyes were opened to what is truly valuable in life and that is life itself. I want to create a space that allows for the patients to hold onto their dignity as long as they can during life’s final stage. I want to give them their control back by creating an easily accessible space that is closely tied to nature. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible but more importantly still feel like an individual. Life is a gift and we should be celebrating it each and everyday with the people we care about! I do not want this project to reflect mourning; instead celebrate the life that we were given.

If you could give your freshman self advice, what would it be?
Do not be afraid to ask questions and be true to your designs. Take criticism with a positive attitude and use it to strengthen your skills rather than get you down. And always remember to smile. If you work hard, life has its ways of taking you far.

Any tips on how to juggle school, RA position, and life?
Plan ahead! Always have a calendar with what you need to do so nothing gets forgotten. Life tends to get overwhelmed by school at times, but good friends and staying organized will help you enjoy your time at Moore. I have had a lot of fun here and have learned a lot about myself in the process!

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