The Historical Society Of Philadelphia

Take a trip to the historical society of Philadelphia when you need to get some research done! If you need informaion on philadelphia, or several other areas, from back in the day this is the place to go!

Recently E’s printed word class had the opportunity to take a tour of Philadelphia’s historical society. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania is a historical society founded in 1824 and located at 13th and locust. The Society's building 
designed by Addison Hutton and listed on Philadelphia's Register of Historical Places. This immaculate building currently houses more than 600,000 printed items and over 19 million manuscript and graphic items. The Society houses and repairs printed collections on Pennsylvania and regional history and manuscript collections covering17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century history. If students want to take advantage of the historical society they can just walk in during business hours, and get into some books. The historical society houses thousands of images, manuscripts, and anything from a cookbook to a shopping catalog. This place is open to the public and the books can be browsed through at any time, with the help of some friendly staff.

Below is a list of benefits at the historical society so that students can decide if a trip to the society is a good idea for them!
It’s close!
Only requires a small fee to access thousands of books full of material that cannot be found elsewhere for the entire day.
They have the option to sell high resolution images to students for a small price.
They have thousands of image references from most time periods.
Easy to use online access.
Friendly staff.
They have internet access so you can bring your laptop, have a seat, and get all of your work done.
They even have internships available to students interested in learning more about keeping old books looking new.
For more information on what the historical society has to offer you, internships, or events they have planned please check out the historical society’s website or walk on over!