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Cassandra Love

Name:  Cassandra Love; Her Campus Moore Editor-In-Chief
Major/minor: Graphic Design with a business/Digital arts minor
Year: Sophmore

Her Campus is a new feature here at Moore, and it was all made possible by Cassandra Love. We thought that this week we would give readers a little insight on what it is like to work behind the scenes with HC Moore. When she graduates somone else will have to take over running HC, if you like what you read maybe the new Editor-In-Chief could be you!

How did you find out about Her Campus? 
Well my best friend was running the branch of HC at her school while the original Editors were studying abroad, she told me about it and I was interested. I went online and did a little research to find out what HC was all about and after sending in a resume, some writing samples, and a few other things, I got an email about being acepted as HC Moore’s founder.

What made you think that Moore would benefit from a branch of HC?
Well the fact that Moore is an all girls school is a big reason. HC is all about college women. Advice for college women, eye candy for college women, and everything else college women related, so why wouldn’t Moore benefit? I thought maybe it would be a way for the women here to speak their minds and it gives them a place to check out whats going on in the city and in other womens minds.

What is the hardest part about being Editor In Chief?
That is an easy question, keeping writers. Moore is such a small school with a lack of club spirit. that there are not a lot of people trying to get involved with this. Most people feel that they are overwhelmed with work and they do not know if they can fit in HC, no matter how accomidating I am. Then when I do find writers I feel like half of the time I am hunting them down to write things, and end up writing a lot of articles myself. So if  you want to get involved we can always use some good writers, photographers, and editors!

What is the best part of being Editor In Chief?The POWER! Only kidding. I really like being a part of something that reaches all of these women. Working with HC is actually a lot of fun, especailly when I get to walk the streets and look for cuties. 

Do you have anything exciting planned for HC’s future?
Oh yes! I am trying to make HC Moore a club with the school so that we can get funding. When we have funding there will be plenty of events to help the community and to get our girls together with people from other schools! 

Are there any perks to being in HC?
There are actually a lot. HC looks great on a resume, it shows teamwork, writing skills, and gets you publicity. Asides from publicity HC is always sending me emails about events, scolarships, internships, ans other very helpful things! Whenever I get things that can benefit my staff I make sure to forward them right away so that all of the girls have an oppertunity to look at them.

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