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Off Campus Cutie- Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson
Age: 21
School: CCP
Major: Business
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Florida
It’s a typical Friday night, if your not studying what are you doing?
 I like to dance so most of the time you can find me in the club.

What was your high school stereotype?
I was definitely a jock. 
Any unique hobbies?
I used to build all types of things but it seems like now a days I’m too busy.

What is the total makes a total package for you?
I like tall girls with a lot of style. They also need to be up for anything if they want to keep up with me
What current popular female styles do you hate?
I really hate uggs! 

What current popular female styles do you find attractive?
I love leggings. Wear them all year ladies!
Worst dating experience?
I actually had a girl show up to the movies with her brother as a chaperone. Total buzz kill.
What is your deal breaker with girls?
Girls who take everything way too seriously. 

Do you think its attractive when a girl asks a guy out?
 Oh yea!

Anything the ladies should know about you before they approach you?
I don’t like expensive girls. If I want to spend money on somone I will but they shouldn’t always be trying to get their hands in my wallet no matter how long weve been dating!

Cassandra is a sophomore majoring in graphic design with a double minor in business and digital arts at Moore College of Art & Design. Cassandra is the founder and president of the HC branch at her school. She is a proud jersey girl who loves to be loud. In her free time you can find Cassandra working at Starbucks, partying, riding something fast, or trying something new. One thing is for sure wherever she is you will be sure to hear her! Cassandra loves to meet new people and do anything fun! She loves the color purple, sneakers, jeans, and of course her computer. After college Cassandra hopes to own her own advertising company and work for famous sneaker brands.
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