Off Campus Cutie- Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson
Age: 21
School: CCP
Major: Business
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Florida
It’s a typical Friday night, if your not studying what are you doing?
 I like to dance so most of the time you can find me in the club.

What was your high school stereotype?
I was definitely a jock. 
Any unique hobbies?
I used to build all types of things but it seems like now a days I'm too busy.

What is the total makes a total package for you?
I like tall girls with a lot of style. They also need to be up for anything if they want to keep up with me
What current popular female styles do you hate?
I really hate uggs! 

What current popular female styles do you find attractive?
I love leggings. Wear them all year ladies!
Worst dating experience?
I actually had a girl show up to the movies with her brother as a chaperone. Total buzz kill.
What is your deal breaker with girls?
Girls who take everything way too seriously. 

Do you think its attractive when a girl asks a guy out?
 Oh yea!

Anything the ladies should know about you before they approach you?
I don't like expensive girls. If I want to spend money on somone I will but they shouldn't always be trying to get their hands in my wallet no matter how long weve been dating!