Off Campus Cutie: Collin Jensen

Collin Jensen

School: Dual Admission to Community College of Philadelphia and Temple
Major: Business, Financial Planning
Job: Shift Supervisor at Starbucks
Relationship Status? Single
Hometown? Denver, Colorado
It’s a typical Friday night, if your not making latte’s what are you doing?
I love to dance, not really sure I’m good at it. So the Barbary is a good spot for sure, especially if its reggae or soul night. If I’m at my house and I have free time, I love to cook.

What was your high school stereotype?
Total nerd. Spent most of my time in choir and drama. The fact that I played soccer was the one redeeming thing that counteracted my total dork factor.

Any unique hobbies?
I love to play ultimate Frisbee. There are few things more majestic than laying out sideways for a disc flying through the air.  

What makes a total package for you?
Total package for me definitely starts with personality. I like women who are outgoing, love laughing, and aren’t afraid to be ridiculous.

What current popular female styles do you hate?  
 Leggings make me laugh now just because they are everywhere. It’s like the female Philadelphian uniform of choice. Outside of that, a note on the 80’s, cutoff jeans, big goofy glasses etc. didn’t work then. Still not working now no matter how hard some peoples try. 
What current popular female styles do you find attractive?  
Boots! Boots! Boots!  One of many reasons fall is great. Not so much the Uggs, more so the high strappy leather numbers.
Worst dating experience? 
 Long distance relationships. There is absolutely no winning in those situations.
What is your deal breaker with girls?
Girls who are too self absorbed. When I ask a girl how their day was and they don’t have the slightest interest in how I’m doing?  Red flag.
How do you let girls know you’re interested?
I try to create meaningful friendships with girls first so things develop a little more organically. But there always comes a point though, where you have to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

 Do you think it’s attractive when a girl asks a guy out?
Only ever happened to me once. I blinked. Totally wasn’t ready for it and I said no. REGRETTABLE!  I’d like to think however, that I’ve grown up a bit since middle school...just remember ladies to make sure I’m not holding your Pumpkin Spice Latte when you ask. I will drop it.
Anything the ladies should know about you before they try to get your name and number on their cup?  
My name has two l’s. I have an inexplicable obsession with shoes, and posting twenty statements a day on Facebook is approximately 18 too many. At that point you don’t do Facebook it does you, and if you aren’t the type to be open and honest, then I’m not your type.

Interested in a tall cup of Collin?