What's Up With the Smell in the Caf?

Anna Irving Dining Hall, better known as the caf, has been under fire recently for a reported sewage smell lingering from the entrance. 

From the international athletes that sit by the drink machine to the gamers that occupy the table by the cereal dispensers, the caf is the one place of gathering that unites all Montevallo students. Students have expressed concern for the caf’s unpleasant odor through word of mouth, social media, and even through an email petition. 

I reached out to a few different students in regards to the infamous sewage smell. Despite the harsh criticism toward the caf as of recently, many students agreed that they will continue to eat at the caf and that the smell doesn’t bother them “for more than a few minutes”.  

While others, such as the anonymous Instagram user umcafhacks, have expressed complaints through social media and even started an online petition that instructs students to email the President’s office. 

The page that posts unique food combinations at the caf recently posted a photo of the sunroom area captioned “Hey ya’ll- I’m seriously not saying this to be mean or contrary, but does the caf smell like a toilet or sewage or like...poop to anyone else? It’s literally making me want to leave and I can’t get it out of my nose. I’m concerned.” 

Other users commented in agreement. One student commented “IT DOES ITS YUCK!”. Caf employee, Jody Holloway, replied “Gonna direct this one to Jason…”. 

The following day, umcafhacks posted a photo titled “stop the sewage smell in the caf!”. 

Under the photo, the user explains, “Apparently the caf has been trying to get the sewage smell fixed, but nobody is doing anything about it. We’ve been told it would be helpful to email the President’s office about this issue. The staff of the caf AND the student body deserve better treatment than this.” 

Umcafhacks urges students to use the email template that they have provided to create change for the cafeteria.