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University of Montevallo’s first in-person College Night Since COVID-19

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College Night is very important to the University of Montevallo. It’s a tradition that has been part of our homecoming for a very long time. This year the campus had the college night shows in-person which hasn’t happened since 2020. So this year was a big deal announcing that it will be in-person

This past college night, the University of Montevallo had Purple Side and Gold Side’s shows in person with a live audience, the shows took place in Palmer Hall Auditorium. The students, faculty, and alumni showed their excitement filling every seat on Friday and “Sweet Saturday” resulting in two completely sold-out shows.

That was a lot of students’ first “normal” college night because last year it was altered for the students and faculty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the second year and first-year college students got to experience college night how many have for the last century.

On Saturday, Purple Side performed its show first. It was a great story about doing what’s right and standing up against bad people in power. The set was amazing and everything was beautifully painted. It was a really fun show, with fight choreography that made the heroes and villains look “SUPER.” You could see the love and hard work they put into the show.

The Gold Side show was performed second. It was a story of folktales with a classic good vs evil trope. The choreography and vocals were amazing. There was a tap dance number and the show “took us to church” with its strong, soulful ballads. In the end, a great show was performed by gold side and it resulted in them winning college night.

Very Proud of both sides who got up on that stage and kicked off the in-person viewing of college night again.

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