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These Anotoni Porowski Inspired Appetizers Will Wow Your Foodie Friends at Thanksgiving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montevallo chapter.

Antoni Porowski, TV personality, style icon, but above all else, culinary genius. Antoni’s recipes are always crafted to perfection to not only please your tastebuds but also your eyes and your Instagram feed. If you’re tired of serving up the same old sweet potato casserole (seriously, is this amateur hour?), then it’s time to step up your chef skills and take a lesson from Antoni. These appetizers will elevate the ambiance of any holiday party. 

Honey Blueberry Goat Cheese Log 

Savory and sweet is all the rage for the sophisticated taste palate. That’s why this creamy goat cheese log is going to score you major wow factor points this holiday season. Serve up this cheese log with green grapes, cinnamon nuts, and crackers on your favorite marble trey or wooden bark charger for a truly festive look. 


Antoni’s Favorite Guacamole

Antoni Porowski swears by putting dairy in his guacamole. For a lean and smooth guacamole, whip up this recipe that features greek yogurt as the secret ingredient. Sprinkle some ruby red pomegranate seeds to top it off and serve with plantain chips so your guests will think you are a culinary genius. *Mwah* my compliments to the chef! 


Prosciutto Wrapped Pears

This recipe prides itself on being Paleo and Gluten-Free, but in all honesty, let’s just talk about how delicious this combination of pears and prosciutto is. If you serve this no-bake appetizer with some cheese and wine, your family is going to think you really have your life together. With a little Antoni Porowski magic, anything is possible. Don’t forget to put a towel over your shoulder for the ultimate chef look. And yes, go ahead and play some jazz music on your Alexa while you’re at it. 


Cranberry Holiday Punch 

Not only is this drink absolutely tasty, it is also festive. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary to feel like the food blogger you always wanted to be. 


These recipes are guarenteed to impress your boujiest of friends and maybe even your boyfriend’s mother, but the one thing that is for sure is that you’ll be making Antoni proud. 

Julia Gigis is a Multimedia Journalism major at The University of Montevallo. She currently is a marketing intern for RFG Advisory and StrongHer Money. You probably know her as the girl that "dates without dating apps" on Tik Tok, generating over 6 million views and 59k+ followers. In her free time, Julia likes to brunch and take pretentious photos with lattes.