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Montevallo Alumna, Simone Maxwell, Shares Advice on Post Grad Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montevallo chapter.

How often do dreams come true? We’re always been told a degree is not enough to obtain a job after school; so, how do we? Simone Maxwell is a recent graduate from the University of Montevallo. Upon graduation, she was offered a job at CitiBank headquarters in New York City as a financial analyst. 

Throughout her undergraduate experience, Maxwell clung to the advice given to her by family and professors. She believes her drive and guidance are why she was presented with these great opportunities. Now, Maxwell can share her advice with current Montevallo students. 

When should students begin searching for internships?

I think that in regards to internships students should be looking for internships in their freshman year. Depending on the industry they want to go into, finance, for example, they start recruiting people in the summertime for their programs; so it’s a much crazier deadline. It’s important when you come into college to make sure you’re open to anything. Internships are important because they show you what you don’t want to do as much as they help you understand what you want to do.

What Is your advice to Senior who plans to move to a big city?

You need to be sure. Moving into most big cities is a little different. I am from Marietta, Georgia. It is right outside of Atlanta, but it still would have been a different experience living in Atlanta. You meet a lot of different types of people – some entertaining, some very odd, and some a little scary. Moving to a city like New York where its this melting pot of different cultures and personalities it’s very different but I like it. I like the energy. We’re all trying to achieve the same thing, getting up and going to work, it’s kinda cool right after college.

What is your favorite pass time in New York?

The city has tons of parties, day parties, happy hours, socials, or you can just take a stroll around the park. There’re tons of beautiful parks out here! I have a friend who’s in marketing and I get to go to premieres now. I usually go into my weekend without too many plans to see what comes up. That’s pretty much my favorite thing to do because it doesn’t hold me into anything. Oh, and yeah shopping, of course!


It’s simple to say you want a career after college but, it takes hard work and dedication. Only after that, you get to enjoy the sweet perks of #adulting.

Breanna Malone

Montevallo '20

Breanna is Senior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. Her favorite pass times are traveling and creating memories. Politics, fashion, makeup and inspirational stories are the things that keep me inspired to write!