Latte Round Up - The Best Lattes in Birmingham Ranked

In 2020, I had a few resolutions, but one was to spend more time in coffee shops. This is both an addictive and expensive resolution to upkeep, but by doing so, I have had the pleasure of trying some memorable lattes along the way. Here is a round up of my favorite lattes in Birmingham, Alabama. 


  1. 1. Caveat Coffee - Homewood 

    Tucked away in the quieter side of Soho, Caveat Coffee is located in a quaint two-story home repurposed into a coffee shop. 


     Caveat Coffee is arguably one of the most hipster coffee shops in Birmingham; attracting local college students, yuppies, and micro-influencers. The coffee shop features two floors of seating, a back patio, backyard seating, and a drive-thru window. Caveat Coffee features minimalist elements such as marble countertops and gold accent pieces hung on the walls. What makes Caveat so special is its big city aesthetic nestled in the suburbs of Homewood. Their music choices feature alternative and indie selections such as Hippo Campus and The Band CAMINO. I give Caveat an overall aesthetic rating of 9/10. 


    My go-to order at Caveat is an Iced Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk. I give this latte a 6/10 because you’re paying for the quality of the scenery more than the quality of the beverage. That being said, the iced latte has too much milk and tends to be even a little watery half-way through consumption. An honorable mention shoutout goes to their hot tea - there is nothing better than a cheap drink that coats your throat on a rainy day. Caveat does not have a food menu to be served alongside your beverage, but they do have a selection of mini boxed cereals and granola bars at the register.  


  2. 2. Real and Rosemary - The Summit 

    Real and Rosemary is a farm-to-table restaurant with healthy and delicious menu items, but what you wouldn’t expect is a delicious iced latte that actually ranks pretty high on my list. Though Real and Rosemary isn’t the kind of restaurant to whip out your Mac and start studying, it is a great place to meet for coffee with a friend. If you do go out of your way to go to Real and Rosemary, order a meal because this has to be one of the best casual restaurants in Birmingham!

  3. 3. Bandit Patisserie - (formerly in Homewood)

    Owned by the same team that operates The Essential, Bandit Patisserie is home to fresh baked goods and outstanding desserts. According to their Instagram page, the owners decided to close the Homewood storefront during COVID-19, but their products are still being sold online and featured on The Essential’s menu. I was fortunate enough to visit Bandit the day before the president declared a national emergency and I hold that memory to be sacred. My favorite iced latte belongs to Bandit Patisserie.

     I ordered the avocado toast alongside my latte which earns a 5/10. As an avid consumer of avocado toast (both homemade and restaurant made), I believe the avocado toast had potential. Bandit made the toast the star of the menu item, but I believe any good avocado toast must showcase the two ingredients as a collaboration rather than a competition. 

    As far as the aesthetic of Bandit Patisserie goes, this gem of a restaurant earns itself a 10/10  for being the one-of-a-kind minimalist cozy chic brunch spot that Birmingham will forever miss. RIP Homewood storefront and we look forward to seeing what’s next for the business.


  4. 4. The Essential - Downtown Birmingham

    The Essential is located in downtown Birmingham on Morris Avenue, a street known for its charm. Both of the occasions I have eaten at The Essential, I requested outdoor seating. Though its interior is gorgeous, I find the outdoor seating to be upbeat, high-energy, and the place to be. It’s spots like The Essential that transport you to another city then reel you in to remind you that Birmingham is rebranding itself as the place to be in the south. 

    Though I attended The Essential for brunch, the next time I visit will solely be for their latte. I ordered a Latte with vanilla and oat milk .The latte art was perfectly sculpted and the taste was to die for, truly making my pre-brunch beverage a masterpiece. Out of the three meals I have had at The Essential, I have to say I have been disappointed all three times. There is no doubt that the fresh baked goods are delicious, but like Bandit Patisserie, the other parts of the meal are lacking. On my third visit to The Essential, I tried the Iced Vanilla latte with almond milk that comes with an adorable paper straw and sweet foam on top. Both of these lattes are masterpieces so kudos to whoever is the coffee extraordinaire behind the counter!


  5. 5. Revelator Coffee - Mountain Brook

    Revelator Coffee has a few locations in Birmingham, but their Mountain Brook location is my safe haven. Most coffee shops are dark with masculine touches such as rustic art decor or dim lighting, but Revelator has ample sunlight shining through their windows with white minimalist themes. While their decor is totally Instagram worthy and serotonin inducing, we are here to talk about what you came for: coffee. I give Revelator a 10/10 for creativity because their menu features items like lavender, matcha, and golden lattes plus CBD add-ons! Overall, Revelator is worth the price point and not only is it a great workspace, but is a super cute place to meet friends, business partners, or potential romantic interests.

To conclude this latte round up, here is a quick overview and ranking system. 

Revelator Coffee

Instagramability: 10/10

Workspace Friendly: 10/10

Lattes: 10/10


The Essential

Instagramability: 9/10

Workspace Friendly: 0/10

Lattes: 10/10


Caveat Coffee

Instagramability: 9/10

Workspace Friendly: 10/10

Lattes: 8/10


Real and Rosemary

Instagramability: 8/10

Workspace Friendly: 3/10

Lattes: 9.5/10


Bandit Patisserie (sadly only ranked last because it no longer has a storefront)

Instagramability: 10/10

Workspace friendly: 3/10

Latte: 10/10

So who had the most memorable latte? It’s a no brainer that The Essential did, but any of these coffee shops are great small businesses worth supporting in Birmingham, Alabama! So, go check them out!