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I Styled Combat Boots With Every Outfit I Wore This Week

I’m the kind of girl who wears combat boots with everything. I wear them everywhere I go because I just freaking love them. It can be difficult to get people to understand when I say they go with everything. When rocking these keep in mind it  doesn’t matter what shape, brand, design, or color – they go with everything.


I forgot to set my alarm but still wanna look cute – Look #1 

This is my go-to outfit if I’ve just rolled out of bed or am feeling particularly lazy that day. Just cover that bedhead hair up with a beanie because 1) it’s chilly outside and 2) it’s trendy AF. Graphic tees are great because you look cultured and it’s a great conversational starter when you’re in line for coffee.

I chose Spiderman, but you could rock a band logo, sports merch, or even that Jonas Brother’s tee that’s been hiding in your closet since 2007. I mean, they’re cool now…no pun intended. 

Casual commute to class but make it fashion – Look #2

The second outfit is still casual but a little bit nicer. I picked out another graphic tee to bring attention to the red in the boots. This is something that I would wear if I was wanting to put myself together and try to look cute rather than just rolling out of bed and throwing on a beanie to cover my bedhead hair.

Denim on denim is a bold look, but if you can pull it off – go for it. But I wanted to stick with a more fall approach and incorporate my yellow jeans into the look. 

Note to self: I should probably wear this outfit more because I look cute and I get to sleep in. 

When you got an interview at 4 and a date at 5 – Look #3

This third outfit is my absolute favorite! This is something I would wear to an interview or maybe even a date because I’m really feeling myself!

I wore this look to go get dinner because I was hungry and didn’t want to change. This look received a lot of positive attention which was a great confidence booster! Pairing the tights with this outfit adds a fun pop so it brings more emphasis to the stunning wine color of the boots.

Feeling myself – Look #4

For this last outfit I would wear this to a dinner party, church, or a dressy sorority event. It looks beautiful, it’s fun, and for me it’s just enough without going over the top.

I also paired red lips with this outfit because this dress gives me a 40s vibe but also to compliment the combat boots. I don’t know why I stood on a chair at all but I look super cute so it’s okay.

Save Some Coin 

Not every college student can afford Doc Martens so here is a pretty good dupe if you want to recreate these looks!

These are just a few outfits I put together to try and show how combat boots go with everything. I love these outfits and they make me feel really cute which is something I struggle with sometimes, but honestly my combat boots always make me feel so confident and empowered that I want to wear them everything! There’s always that one piece of clothing in a person’s closet that makes them feel amazing and for me that’s my combat boots. While some people think it’s crazy how much I wear these shoes, I say it’s because they might just be my solemate. 


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