Auburn Student Launches Apparel Line to Urge Young People to Vote

When politics and fashion collide, it can oftentimes result in a tacky look that ends up in the aisles of a Goodwill. But as for Auburn Student, Monroe Clayton, he knew a political clothing line had to be in touch with the fashion-savvy members of Gen-Z. My Vote Matters Merchandising was founded in February 2020 by political science major, Monroe Clayton after he realized the majority of his counterparts were not exercising their rights to vote. 

“I continuously saw and heard many young people casting doubt on the importance of voting and I wanted to find a way to change the narrative,” said Clayton. 

There is no doubt that Generation Z is making change whether it be by marching through the streets or signing petitions, but activists want to remind younger generations that their power lies in the voting polls in upcoming elections. 

The style of Urban Outfitters with the message of young activists perfectly encapsulates the vision behind My Vote Matters Merchandising. Clayton aimed to inspire young voters “by creating stylish voting themed apparel to boost voter morale and highlight the importance of voting in municipal, state, and federal elections”. 

My Vote Matters offers a variety of colors from pastel purple to butter yellow. You can purchase apparel by visiting 10% of proceeds are donated to local food banks via Feeding America Monthly. 

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