Your Ultimate Spring Fashion Guide: Dos and Don’ts for This Season

Transitioning from a frosty winter into a sunny but windy spring can be difficult. Sometimes shopping is such a hassle because of how much the temperature varies from the morning, afternoon and night. If I don’t layer up, I’m freezing for my 8 AM class. If I wear too many layers, I’m sweating by my 1 PM class. Here are some tips to combat this weird weather-confused season.

  1. 1. DO Layer light pieces

    Wearing two layers of light clothing can keep you warm enough for the morning chill and cool enough for the afternoon sun. For example, if your morning weather is looking 50 degrees and cloudy, but the afternoon is a warm 70 degrees, try layering a tube top with a sweater and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Wearing a comfy sweater for the morning and easily tie it around your waist for a pop of color when it gets warmer!

  2. 2. DON’T wear a plain top/hoodie

    Instead of wearing a plain top or hoodie, try an alternative: wear something with prints and layer it with a plain jacket that will even out the colors in your outfit. Animal prints are BIG this year; try shopping for anything leopard, cheetah or snakeskin. If you want to stay on the safe side, try a solid colored top with different colored stripes.

  3. 3. DO wear something that will pop

    Wear pops of color and don’t be scared of standing out! If you’re used to wearing all neutral colors year-round, try adding in a statement piece that will make your outfit pop! Try colored jeans instead of plain blue or black jeans, a fun hat or a bright bag.

  4. 4. DON’T wear an outfit full of dark colors

    It’s springtime! Try not to wear colors like gray, black, brown or navy. Instead, mix those dark winter colors with fun, bright colors like pastels or neons. Try using that transition of the weather to really play with the colors in your closet.

  5. 5. DO layer accessories

    Now that you’re not all bundled up in sweaters and coats, it’s time to accessorize. This is the perfect way to take a plain outfit to the next level. Layer chokers with necklaces, rings with midi rings, bracelets with a watch or a pair of sunglasses. Add these details can improve any outfit that feels a little boring or needs something extra.

  6. 6. DON’T stick to lounge clothes

    Save those leggings or sweats for the next slumber party with the girls. If you want to be comfy and cute without the feel of tight fit jeans, try a loose fit jean instead. Go for a mom or boyfriend jean; it still has that baggy feel that you looove from your sweats. Make it cute: add a belt to really snatch that waist, a crop top, and a light jacket and you’re done.

Whether it’s 50 degrees in the morning or 70 degrees in the afternoon, keep your spring outfits comfy and versatile for your days on campus!