Your Guide to St. Patrick's Day Party Looks

Midterms are over, and it is definitely time for a mental health break. We have all pushed through the first half of our final semester for this year, and the best way to reward yourself for surviving? A St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Us being college kids going to a party every now and then never hurts and it's a good excuse to go out with the girls. St. Patrick’s Day is a Sunday this year and if your spring break ends that weekend it is a fun way to wrap it up before having to get back into the groove of school.

Here’s some St. Paddy’s day inspo that will make you look like a pot of gold walking into any party.

If you want to go beyond just some green eyeshadow for your St. Paddy’s Day look why not add some green gems? If you want to shine as bright as a pot of gold adding a few gems to your look will do just that.

To help give you an idea of how to do this look it is basically a green smokey eye. So you will need three shades of green: a light shade, a medium shade, and a dark shade.

This look is all about the eyes. Prime your lids with a primer of your choice. I usually use Urban Decay Primer Potion Original. Priming you lids will help the makeup set properly and give a smoother look. Use a fluffy blending brush and cover your entire lid with your base/transition shade. This shade should be a light neutral color. Using a precision shader brush take the light green color and pack it in the inner section of your lid. With another fluffy blending brush take the dark shade and blend it into your crease and the rest of the lid (wherever you did not apply the light shade). Then take your medium shade and pat in between the lighter shade and the darker shade. With your blending brush take your transition shade and blend the colors to eliminate any harsh lines. Using a smudger brush pack a very pigmented white shade into your inner corner. Consider adding a winged liner and top with some gems.

For your outfit, if you’re looking for something really quick and easy, some cute accessories are the way to go. Go to a store like Target or Walmart and you are bound to find some cute hair bows or earrings that’ll turn any outfit into an instant St. Patrick’s Day party. Bonus points for wearing a shirt with either a goofy phrase or image on it.

If you aren’t into the silly accessories or novelty shirts, don’t stress. This is the day of green, orange and white so just wearing anything with those color combinations works. If you want a really cute party look a green dress, with a black leather jacket, and some sleek sexy heels. Looking to elevate your lucky look? A party look for the club where you will stand out but not because of bright colors or funny sayings think mini. A mini skirt that is.

So, whether you’re looking for a party look for going out at night with the girls or just for a fun family outing during the day. These are the looks that will make you feel the Luck of the Irish.