Work Hard so You Can Shop Harder: How to Make Money in College

It’s no secret that college drains our bank accounts. From the extreme prices of tuition and housing, to the abundance of money spent on food and hanging out with friends, our wallets are left empty and we are left wondering where all of our money from our summer jobs has gone. We begin questioning if spending all of our paychecks on iced coffees, concert tickets and new clothes was worth it (it was).

But you don’t have to worry about being broke this semester! Here are some tips you can follow, so you aren’t left eating ramen alone in your dorm while all of your friends are out having fun.

On Campus/Off Campus Jobs

On campus jobs are a great way to make money at school and meet new people. Look into resources such as Hire a Red Hawk, Montclair State University's own portal where students can not only find on and off campus job opportunities, but can also connect to employers in the area to help gain job experience before and after graduation as well. It is also beneficial to look in your surrounding area at local restaurants, clothing stores and daycares for any available position. As always, it is important to always update and read over your resume to make sure it always looks fresh and lands you any job!


One way to make extra cash this semester is by babysitting in your local area. Start off by posting your desire to babysit and your credentials on places such as Facebook and to put yourself out there. You’re bound to get a few calls from parents who would love for you to babysit once or twice a week. This is also a great option for weekends and if your schedule is packed during the week.

Designated Driver

If you have a car in college, a great way to make some quick cash is by offering to drive your friends who have been drinking, to and from parties or bars by either driving one person or even groups for a reasonable price. This not only helps you make instant cash, but it also saves your friends from not driving while intoxicated. It’s a win-win!

Become an RA

Want to interact with more students, meet new friends, plus get free housing? Look into becoming an RA! Being a resident advisor not only looks great on resumes, but eliminates the insane price for on campus housing. Plus, you get your own room so you don’t have to worry about roommates… just about freshman getting locked out of their dorms.


If you are really strong in a certain subject, look into tutoring students in that subject! You will be able to tutor other students and create connections, in which they may even refer you to their friends. Talk to the employment office at your school for more information on how you could become a tutor for struggling students!

Buying and Selling Apps

Believe it or not you can start to make money by using tools that you already have. Apps such as Poshmark and Depop allows anyone to post their old/unwanted clothing items or accessories online. You can turn those jeans that just don’t fit right anymore and have been hiding in your closet into some cash to put into your bank account (or just to buy a new pair of jeans.)

Simply make an account and begin posting photos of your clothing/accessories along with adding a quick description of the item and what you think it should be priced at. These apps also help you save money as well as make it, because you can find more affordable pieces rather than buying all of your clothes new from the mall. Another win-win!