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“Witch” Halloween Costumes Are The Most Unique This Year?

You’re mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, and it’s finally Halloween season. Then boom, you see about 10 different people dressed as a sexy nurse on your timeline. Did you miss the memo? Did someone steal your costume idea?

Every year we see a plethora of the same costumes on our timeline, and the spookiest time of the year can seem a bit dull after that. If you’re trying to spice up spooky season, here are four unique and fresh costume ideas you can make at home as a fun DIY project or ones you can purchase online or in store.

  1. Squid Game Players or Workers

With the hit Korean show “Squid Game” being released this September, this fresh and new idea for a costume is bound to make some good impressions at the Halloween functions. Not only is it a fairly new idea, it can make a great DIY project. You can either use one of your own tracksuits and add player numbers to it, or purchase a green one if you really want to commit to the costume. If you’re not comfortable with socializing with too many people, you can dress as a worker! Your face will be covered by the black masks the workers wear. These costume ideas are fresh and comfy, so that’s definitely a plus!

  1. Cruella 

The new “Cruella” film released back in May told the origin story of one of the most notorious Disney villains of all time. While the film featured a new perspective of Cruella, it also featured iconic fashion and costumes that can make for a bold Halloween look. You can even make this a DIY project by wearing a black leather jacket, a black skirt, black gloves and black boots. You can pair this costume with a bold red lip and a fierce smokey eye. If you’re looking for something bolder, you can wear the stunning red gown Estella wears in the film by purchasing it online.

  1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch 

While this costume idea might seem common, there are many different outfits you can wear to resemble one of the most popular witches. You can even gather inspiration from the Netflix series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” In the series, Sabrina Spellman wears a number of fall-friendly outfits that are cute and spunky. You can wear a red lace-collared dress like Sabrina or a black lace-collared dress like the Weird Sisters. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can pair the dress with a short blonde wig and a signature black headband like Sabrina.

  1. Wanda Maximoff

Want to be a different kind of witch this Halloween season? You can dress up as Marvel’s Wanda Maximoff! The series “WandaVision” took off this past year with Marvel fans swooning over Wanda and her love interest, Vision. Make the costume easier by wearing the Halloween costume she wore in the series! All you need is a red leotard, pink tights, red boots and a red cape. You can also make her crown out of cardboard or purchase a simple red headband.

Getting creative with Halloween costumes gets harder and harder every year, but with all the new series and characters that came out this year, you can make each costume your own! Turn it into a fun DIY project with friends and family, or go all out and purchase the costumes through retail stores or vendors. Either way, try something new this season, and surprise your friends at the next Halloween function.

Amanda Alicea

Montclair '22

Amanda Alicea is a senior journalism student attending Montclair State University. She works with The Montclarion as a feature writer and has had several works published. Amanda enjoys writing human-interest pieces and hopes to work with magazines in the near future. Amanda spends her free-time reading and relaxing with her two cats.
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