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Winter is holding on as long as possible, but it’s time to get back that glow that you had in the summer. Don’t let the freezing cold and dry air ruin your hair and skin. As time consuming as it may seem, it’s so rewarding in the end when your hair and skin is at its best and you can enjoy those golden hour flicks. Figure out what works best for your hair and skin during these chilly months. Even pick up some protective styles for your hair during the winter and some winter essential products for your skin. Your moisturized hair and skin will thank you in the end.

Figuring out What Type of Hair and Skin You Have

A lot of us tend to forget that just because it worked for the girl in the commercial doesn’t mean it’s going to work for us. Nine times out of ten the girl in the commercial probably didn’t even use the product being advertised. So it’s up to you to figure out what type of hair and skin you have to know what products will work the best for you.

What gets a little tricky is some of us tend to have different skin and hair during different seasons. In most cases, our hair and skin routine needs a bit more love during the winter.

So learn about your hair, is it dryer during these cold months? Does it react well to consistent protective styles? Do you like letting your hair free instead of the quick top knot or curly puff? Discover how your hair reacts to certain methods, you’ll know when you’ve found your go to styles and products because your hair isn’t a hassle anymore. It’s all up to you and your hair.

Now when it comes to our skin, the best method I figured out to see how it reacts in the winter is to wash that baby clean and leave it bare. After an hour I was able to see whether my skin was fine on its own or whether or not it needed a little TLC.

Testing things out with our hair and letting our skin tell us what it needs without manipulation allows us to truly figure out what type of hair and skin we have.

Notice What Works for You

Now that you’ve discovered what type of hair and skin you have, it’s time to find what products are ideal for you. I know, that seems like a lot of research but bare with me!

Our hair and skin routines are nothing without the key products that aid in the success. Luckily social media platforms are providing us with tips left and right. A simple scroll through YouTube or Pinterest can help you find the perfect products to try out. Keeping in mind what type of hair and skin you have, use that as the foundation for your search.

As a female with combination skin and a few dark spots, my main focus is to moisture in moderation. I utilize products that provide just enough moisture because I know as the day progresses my natural oils will surely shine through.

My go-to combo includes: Neutrogena facial bar St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot scrub , 100% natural tea tree oil and JĀSÖN Soothing 84% Aloe Vera Crème .

This exact combo can work for most skin types, give or take one or two items.

Time to move onto the hair, girl! Whether you have long straight tresses, a big curly mane or a short pixie cut, there are styles made just for you.

By utilizing social media platforms once again (yes again, we’re on social media all day it won’t hurt), you can find routines and hair tutorials that work for you and your hair.

During the winter, protecting our ends and keeping our hair moisturized is a priority. Best way to accomplish this goal is to practice protective styling. Protective styles prevent over manipulation to our hair, retain moisture, and they’re cute hellooooo! Some of my favorite include:

Twists, Braids, or Locs:

Top Knots and Quick Buns:

Styling Hair Scarves:

There are so many styles to choose from, these are just a few. Getting into the habit of incorporating protective styling into your hair routine will prevent breakage and keep your hair in its best shape during the winter.

Treat Your Hair Like It’s A Paying Job

When you do your part and protect the wellbeing of your position at a job, you get rewarded. It’s the same concept with your hair and skin routine. When you put the time and effort into your routine your hair and skin reward you in the end by flourishing.

However, this routine can’t be short lived. Consistency is key! Keeping up with your skin care routine and maintaining the habit of incorporating it into your daily routine is essential. Same with taking the time to put effort into your hair and it’s health. A stable routine is a major key.

Now that we have the research down pat, we are ready to implement these techniques in our daily routines and remain consistent. Winter is here and it is time to get this hair and skin flourishing. We won’t let that golden hour pass us by without showing off our lucious hair and healthy skin. We worked for it, why not show it off?

Lynese Salmon is a Senior majoring in Communications and Media Arts. Hoping to pursue a career in social media strategics and/or to land an editorial/writing position for an online publication. Her list of hobbies are endless since she takes interest in so many things. Lynese adores the arts, whether it's visual, performing, digital, etc. She is an outgoing individual with a willingness to learn. Lynese believes the possibilities are endless for everyone so why should you limit yourself. Loves to meet new people and learn more about different identities. Lynese is an open book so she's pretty approachable. All in all, Lynese is a creative personality that likes to think outside the box.
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