Why You Should Start Your Own Personal DEPOP!

Most of us have lots of clothes living in the dark spaces of our closets that haven’t seen the light of day in a very long time. Why keep it when you can sell it and give it a new life? DEPOP is the perfect place to set up your own profile not only showcasing your style but allowing people to shop it. Some benefits from starting a DEPOP are having a new source of income (even if it’s only once in a while), you can get rid of clothes you don’t use anymore and you can shop from profiles that share similar styles to yours. 2020 is the year of hustling and let your followers take a sneak peek  into your closet.


The first  step in starting a DEPOP is going through your closet and picking out all the clothes you’re sure you won't use/ need anymore. I know we have personal connections to most pieces in our closet (I mean we bought them for a reason) but make sure to only archive ones that you value the most. Statement pieces, special event outfits and some gifts are great pieces to archive allowing you to get rid of everything else you don’t need in your closet. A plus from purging your closet is being able to purchase newer and exciting items that will be sure to make your closet stand out. 


After choosing all the garments you wish to get rid of, come up with a theme or style that’ll best represent you on your feed. Attraction is key, so make sure to have some unique pieces that other viewers may want. Once you choose your “online closet” you need to consider how you’ll be taking pictures of the garments. It’s great to have a shot of the garment on its own (from all sides) and of course on a body to better see fit and flow. It’s important to consider reasonable pricing since you’ll most likely be pricing your own items. If an item has been worn then it shouldn’t cost as much as an item with a tag on it. I suggest researching the best ways to price your garments with help from  an online source.


Don’t expect a lot of traffic on your page right away. Make sure to promote your DEPOP on other social media and don’t forget to have fun with it! It’s all about expanding the lifecycle of clothing no longer in use that can be beneficial in other people's closet, and it comes with a small perk of an extra income. I can’t wait to get started on my personal DEPOP and will keep you posted with updates on my social media. @jelly_4_life