Why You Should Do A Feel-Good Photoshoot

So, the other day my friend texted me asking if I want to do a milk bath photoshoot. For those of you who don’t know what that is it’s pretty simple- You fill a bathtub with milk, and maybe flower or cereal, wear a swimsuit and take artsy pictures. 

However, I had literally just straightened my hair and I don’t know about you but if my hair gets wet after doing it it will immediately frizzy up. Rather than do such an extensive shoot we decided to just put on some cute outfits and makeup to do a “feel good photoshoot” for a little self-esteem boost.

This may sound like a dumb idea or it might lower your confidence because I know have that common problem of taking a ton of selfies and only liking two of them. It’s amazing what a decent camera and a nice background can do for you.

With this friend in particular random photoshoots are a regular thing we do. We’ve done one in the snow, one with smoke bombs, and now just a random one relatively late at night. So I’ve gotten used to taking pictures and this has gradually grown my self-confidence. 

One key aspect of doing this is doing it with a friend who you know will compliment your pictures and not point out flaws. This is different from them helping you pick pictures to post because it’s helpful to have an extra pair of eyes to help with that, but you don’t want a friend who you know will not find a single good photo; that defeats the entire purpose of a feel-good photoshoot.

Doing one is actually quite simple- all you need is an outfit you feel cute in, do your makeup if you want and anything else that makes you feel confident. Finally, a camera you know will take pretty good photos and any background of your choosing. For my friend and I specifically, we live by a lake so we used that as a background and we drove to these apartments by our town that has an amazing overlook of our entire town. (Make sure you choose locations that are safe and you won’t get in trouble for being there) We did get questioned by a suspicious cop but we knew we could take pictures where we were so nothing happened regarding that. 

Self-confidence takes time to build so I’m not saying doing one of these photoshoots will work like magic but doing one every once in a while will definitely help. It has been proven that simply thinking positively about the way you look and doing this over time can do wonders for your self-esteem. All it takes is a good friend, a nice camera, and aesthetic background to take the first steps into realizing how beautiful you truly are.