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rice and chick pea bowl with veggies
Original photo by Kelsey Gallagher

Why You Need a Food Chat

Does anyone else feel as though food could be the sixth love language? That might seem a little crazy, but I think it’s true. For my friends and me, food was and is always the basis of bonding. The right of passage during your senior year is going to all the great food spots recommended by those before you. They say that sometimes the company you have makes the food taste even better, and I have to agree. 

But the strange times we’re living in make going out to eat with your friends a bit tricky. Especially when your friends go to school in different states and it’s not that easy to just pick up where you left off. So what we did was create a food chat. A group chat that’s separate from our other group chat where we tell each other updates and hot gossip (ie what to watch on Netflix, boys, etc.).

Originally we would always post food pics in the regular chat, but the problem is that when we try to find what someone sent, it was too hard to sort through the copious messages (WOW, truly this is a first-world problem … not sure what else to say about that). I know what you’re probably thinking, “Girl there’s a thing called a search bar…” and to that, I would say “How do you search for a picture of some bomb tacos?” So we decided to make this food chat. BEST DECISION!! 

So what exactly do we send in the food chat? I’ll let you know some of the things we send and maybe you can start one of your own! Mostly we all snap a pic of what we had for dinner or lunch and send it in. I would say collectively one of our fav grocery stores is Trader Joe’s (TJ’s), so whenever we need some grocery store inspo we all send our TJ’s recommendations. Other times we send recipes we find on Pinterest that sound yummy. Even those spur-of-the-moment smorgasbord food days with all the leftovers in the fridge just so happen to taste fantastic.  

I HIGHLY recommend that you also create a food chat with your friends as well if y’all are foodies. It’s an easy way to connect over a shared love… FOOD! 

PS below are just SOME pics from the food chat – ENJOY!!


Two yummy tacos
Original photo by Kelsey Gallagher

buffalo bites with dip
Original photo by Kelsey Gallagher

Avocado toast with hashbrowns
Original photo by kelsey gallagher

Chocolate chip cookie muffin tops
Original photo by Kelsey Gallagher

Salad bowl with veggies and nuts
Original photo by Kelsey Gallagher

Kelsey is a senior at Montclair State University. She is majoring in Fashion Studies and minoring in both fashion design and business. She hopes this will help her boss babe dreams come true of one day owning her own swimwear brand. She loves talking all things sustainability, art, fashion and FOOD. Her go-to food is hands down pizza - it is one of the most versatile foods, duh!
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