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Why Hot Girl Summer Never Ends

Contrary to belief, Megan didn’t coin Hot Girls as scammers, players, or gold-diggers. Said by the H-town hottie herself, a Hot Girl by definition is someone who, “exudes self-love and self-confidence…somebody who’s super confident; somebody that’s just unapologetically them. A sassy attitude and doesn’t care what nobody has to say about them.” She said it and women and men alike around the world have heard her loud and clear as the hashtags “Hot Girl/Boy” and “Hot Girl/Boy Summer” have taken over the internet. 

This movement has been the epitome of Summer 2019 and as summer is coming to a close, sad faces and broken smiles have started to form on the faces of the Hotties. They have somehow convinced themselves that the men who oppose the movement are about to take over. We gotta do better Hotties and as a woman who considers herself one, I am here to tell you that Hot Girl Summer is now, next season, and forever. We are not Hot Girls because it is above 80 degrees and we choose to wear less clothes. We are not Hot Girls because summer is only three months and this is the only time we can celebrate ourselves. We are not Hot Girls solely because we hear Megan’s music and think it’s catchy enough to dance to. A movement like this doesn’t have the followers it does without the support and dedication to its message. We are Hot Girls because we are prioritizing ourselves and choosing the live and love life as we see fit. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from because the only qualification for being a Hot Girl is loving that skin that you were blessed with. 

So drive the boat, let it crash, pick it up and crash it again! If that means that you’re smiling wider, laughing harder, and walking taller than do whatever is necessary! All the he said/she said is irrelevant. All the worries, stressers, and woes can halt because you are taking a moment to breathe in love and exhale happiness. Take that last trip before classes start again. Get to know those people you’ve been dying to become friends with. I don’t know about you but, being a Hot Girl has reminded me of myself in all my glory and the power that I’ve always had. Let yourself have that boost in self-esteem and let it continue to rise. You deserve it. I deserve it. We deserve it. Hot Girl Summer may turn into Hot Girl/Nerd Fall but one thing is for sure, Hot Girls are a force and they are here to stay!

Yazmenne Archer

Montclair '21

Yaz is a senior majoring in Communication and Media Arts with a minor in Creative Writing. She has a strong passion for storytelling and inviting readers with a conversational style. She believes that everyone’s story should be heard and continues to write pieces that promote self discovery and wellbeing. Though she specializes in writing pieces, she also dabbles in genres of poetry and fiction.
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