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Who Wore It Best? Charlize Theron vs. Lindsay Lohan

Welcome to the first edition of Who Wore it Best! We are so excited to introduce this part of the style blog to our readers. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

In this edition of Who Wore it Best, we have a Dion Lee dress worn by the lovely Charlize Theron and Lindsay Lohan. 

Darika: Lindsay Lohan takes the win. She wardrobes the dress to look elegant and sexy chic all at the same time. The dress’ silhouette is figure flattering and outlines her shape impeccably. Additionally, the show choice tops off the look with a look of edge.

Dylan: I love the way Lindsay closed off the cut out to only show off above her hips, which gives us an illusion of curves. Sometimes it is best to leave more to the imagination which Lindsay did. While I love Charlize’s shoe choice because you barely see the sexy, simple stiletto I feel Lindsay’s overall outfit won the round. The finishing touch on the outfit is Lindsay’s long, red mane, which gives her a little oomph and sex appeal.

Dimitra: I’m going to disagree with Darika and Dylan and say Charlize wore it better. It just fits her body better than Lindsay’s. She wore it simple and it’s sexy. She didn’t have to try too hard. Those sexy stillettos are beautiful and so choice for this dress. Love it!

The clear winner in this edition of Who Wore it Best is: Lindsay Lohan

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