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Who’s Most Likely To: With My Boyfriend

In this article, my boyfriend and I did the who is most likely to challenge. It was so much 

fun to hang out and compare our answers. 


Who is most likely to: Crash their car

Anna: Me, because I hate driving

Mark: Anna because you always say you can’t see anything 


To sleep off halfway during a movie

Anna: Mark because he can’t hang

Mark: Me because I get sleepy 


To sweat the small stuff

Anna: Me because I don't like to lose control and get very stressed easily

Mark: Anna because you don’t deal with stress very well 


To eat from their partner’s meal?

Anna: Both because you eat my leftovers, but I steal your fries when I order a salad 

Mark: Me Because I always eat your leftovers


To buy the other person a gift they hate

Mark: Neither

Anna: Neither 


To hide a shopping bag

Mark: Anna because you get it from Rosa ( Anna’s mom) 

Anna: Both.. but mostly me. Especially after TJ Maxx trips.


To spend the most money 

Mark: Me because I just do 

Anna: Mark because he buys more technology/electronics and makes bigger purchases, and I buy a lot of smaller useless things I probably don’t need 


To make a Tiktok 

Mark: Anna

Anna: Me because Mark doesn't like social media, but I wish he would make a Tiktok with me


To get Starbucks 

Mark: Anna because she gives them all her money.. And mine

Anna: Me because I live for my pink drinks


To start a fire 

Mark: Anna because she is so clumsy 

Anna: Both. I’m clumsy but Mark is forgetful 


To drop their phone in the toilet

Mark: Anna again because she is clumsy

Anna: Mark because I may be clumsy but I do not take my phone to the bathroom


Anna Alvarez is an Undergrad at Montclair State University, majoring in Family and Human Sciences. She loves curling up with a good book, traveling to new places, and watching gilmore girls aspiring to be her own version of Lorelai Gilmore.
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