What TikTok Trends are Around Now and Might Be Worth Trying

Trends on TikTok have a wide range - from dance videos, particular transitions, specific edits, comedy skits; even certain songs start trends. The trends on the popular app also have a consistent turnover so once you see a trend you might want to try, you should do so before something new starts growing in popularity. 

If you’re unsure what trends are around now here are some under various categories that might be worth trying.


Hype group- If you want to meet new people from all over the country, and even the world, starting a hype group chat on Instagram might be worth doing. This trend is all about spreading positivity and hyping up your social media friends. Doing this is also rather simple; just post a video asking for viewers to post their Instagram usernames in the comment section, then create a group chat adding as many people as you can.

“Let’s be mutuals”- Another rising networking trend is TikTokers posting videos using a remix of the song Something About Meby CHS. It uses the verse that allows people to post their name, age, favorite color, zodiac sign and relationship status. This trend is actually a revival of an older trend that used the same section of lyrics with more vocals. This is more popular than the “hype group” one even though it is less likely to connect you to other TikTokers. It also involves sending more information into cyberspace which I feel would deter people from choosing this trend, but I don’t think telling the world your favorite color is harmful.


Another thing that seems to be reviving is the use of the song I’m Legitby Nicki Minaj. This is the song that contains the sequence of lyrics: “I graduate with honors, I ball ‘Nead O’ Conner….” This song used to be used by TikTokers who would film a group video with each person mouthing a section of these lyrics. Now this song is trending on TikTok again with a more entertaining addition of a TikTok dance. Also, something exciting about this trend is it combines something old with something new. The song has been all over TikTok but the moves for the dance are new to the app.

Similar to the previously listed trend, this next trend combines a new aspect with an already popular song. Just in case users can’t get enough of the song WAP by Cardi B, a new dance has been created to perform with this song. The twist? It’s an Avengers-themed dance. Each dance move corresponds with members of the Avenger universe. Some being Iron Man, Black Panther, Hulk, Thor and many more. 


TikTok is a place full of videos with transformations and transitions. Recently people have been making videos to the song Dangerousby Kardinal Offishall. These videos tend to consist of the creator mouthing the words to this song and looking at the camera at different angles, with transitions in between. Then once the song gets to the chorus there is usually some kind of transformation; whether it be lighting, wardrobe or makeup, it’s rather open to interpretation.  This is not the easiest video to make but the results are worth it when it comes together. 

Hopefully, this list will help give you an idea of the trends out there and which you might want to try; never be afraid to try something new you never know if you might start the newest TikTok trend.