What to Do For Your Birthday: In True Libra Fashion

In celebration of Libra season starting, we are indecisive beings and what’s better than to find an article that can help guide your party planning?!

From a fellow Libra, here are a few ways I’m planning on spending my birthday:

  1. 1. The food! This is the only thing that really matters.

    You can love a lot of different foods, from Japanese to Cuban to Italian, and there are probably a lot of restaurants you would like to visit for your birthday. However, if you know that there’s this one restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, and you’ve heard amazing reviews from friends — now the perfect time! 

    You’ll set a great ambiance on your birthday by choosing a new restaurant to eat at, and it usually creates a great memory. Libras like to play it safe and stick to what they know, but if there’s one day to be a bit adventurous —   this is the perfect day to do so! (Plus, if you end up liking the restaurant, then you have a new favorite restaurant!)

  2. 2. Be comfortable.

    This is more advice than a plan, but it’s important to be comfortable on your birthday. Being a year older, also means that you’re self-aware. So, be spontaneous, but if someone suggests doing something on your birthday night that you never had any intention of doing —   then it’s probably not a good idea. 

    I ran into this problem recently when I was planning my 21st —   I didn’t know if it would be best to go out in a big or small group. Personally, I don’t love the company of more than 10 people, especially if it’s my party. Being in a big group makes me feel overwhelmed, so I recognized this and took it into consideration when I invited around 7 people for my birthday party instead.

  3. 3. Pick a location worth the size of fun you want, not the size of your party.

    You must have picked a great restaurant space, but now it’s time to decide what you want to do for your after party. After all, this is your special day and depending on your personality, you probably want something lowkey or something lively to do. 

    This can range from chilling at home with your friends and some snacks and drinks, playing games, and watching a movie. Or if you’re of age, you have the option of going out with your friends to a bar. Whichever option fits you the best, would be the way to celebrate right! 

If you identified with needing a guide to plan your birthday party, then you’ve realized that this article isn’t just for Libras but can go for any sign who needs a few tips!

Here’s to hoping you actually make a decision this time, fellow Libra. Have the best time on your birthday, birth-week, or birth-month!