What is the Day of Silence in April?

If you google the holidays in any given month you’ll get some pretty weird and unheard of ones. For example, in the month of April other than the well-known holidays such as April Fool’s Day and Easter, there’s also National Tea Day, National Ex-Spouse Day, National Unicorn day and so on. Dozens of holidays that people ignore and just don’t celebrate. 

However, there’s another underrated holiday that should not be ignored: Day of Silence on April 23. This holiday isn’t so much of a day of celebration but more a day of honor for people in the LGBTQ+ community. 

This day, created in the year 1996, was created in order to honor the students in the LGBTQ+ community who’ve been silenced. So, people stay silent for the duration of their day, some participants even tape an “x” over their mouths. 

Originally practiced exclusively in schools and colleges it has spread to workplaces and sporting events. This “holiday” has also begun spreading around the world to countries such as New Zealand and Singapore. Demonstrating the growing love and acceptance for those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

At the end of the day, once the silence is broken, there’s typically a rally allowing every participant to complete their vow of silence together. Today, over 10,000 American institutions participate in this day of honor and remembrance.

Showing current LGBTQ+ students that their silence hasn’t gone unnoticed, and will no longer be forced upon them. Letting these people know that we’re honoring the silence they’ve been forced to endure and that they should let their voices be heard in all places everywhere in the world.