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As you may know by now, the Kardashian Klan has released a statement telling their fans that they have decided to stop filming their family show after 20 memorable seasons. As a dedicated and longtime fan, it was a sad day in history for me. Although it was coming, I thought we’d never see the day the family hangs up their coats. 

Since the seasons are coming to an end, I will be sharing my favorite moments from each Kardashian/Jenner woman:


1. Kim Kardashian West

Everyone knows Ms. Kim Kardashian West. Kim is usually the first person people think of when the name ‘Kardashian’ is said besides Kris or Kylie (who is technically a Jenner). Kim has a lot of great moments throughout the seasons. There’s her 72-day marriage with Chris Humphries, to her first pregnancy with North West, then Kanye’s proposal, and their lavish wedding. Kim’s most well known moments are of her crying over something. My favorite crying Kim moment was season six episode 11. The Kardashian family was on vacation in Bora Bora when Kim was thrown into the ocean and one of her diamond earrings fell off and into the water. Crying to her mother Kris, they went back to the water to look for it when Kourtney asked what happened and prompted her famous line, “Kim, there’s people that are dying” in response to finding out the issue. The way Kim immediately broke down after realizing that she lost her earring and the way Chris, the one who threw her in the water, jumped in and didn’t even look for it always gives me a good laugh. This will always be a 10/10 in my book.


2. Kris Jenner

Iconic Momager herself! Kris Jenner is at the top of my list of people to meet. When people ask “who would you bring to dinner/have dinner with dead or alive” type questions, Kris Jenner will always have an invite. My favorite Kris moments are when she has too many glasses of wine. Kris has a lot of things on her plate trying to manage all of her children so I think her letting loose every once in a while is therapeutic for her and very funny to watch. It only makes me wish I knew a Kardashian more to experience a drunk Kris Jenner.


3. Kourtney Kardashian

Following Kris is her eldest daughter and child, Kourtney. For Kourtney, the world has watched just about everything personal that happened in her life. The pregnancy and birth of all three of her children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign that she has with Scott Disick. We have watched every downfall and loving moments of her relationship with the father of her children along with all of the drama that followed them after they both had decided to officially end things. It had gotten to the point where she had wanted to stop filming as much which caused her to fight with her sisters a lot. In the most recent season that was wrapped, number 18, Kourtney had reached her breaking point. In episode 2, she and Kim had got into an argument which resulted in a physical fight in front of the filming crew, Khloé, and Kendall. Later in the episode, Kourtney talks twins Malika and Khadijah Andrews who are long to family friends, and get her to have a sit down with her sisters to work out their problems. I enjoy this moment of Kourtney, not because of her fight with Kim, but because it shows this vulnerability in her that I feel like people can relate to. Maybe not necessarily for the same reasons, but definitely for showing that we all have our breaking points.


4. Khloé Kardashian

Any and allKhloé moments are my favorite. Given that she is my favorite Kardashian, aside from Kylie (again, who is a Jenner), makes me a little biased. There are so many Khloé moments that deserve recognition. Let’s start with the reoccurring issue that Khloé believes she’s not a true Kardashian, or we could talk about her marriage with Lamar, or her most recent relationship troubles with Tristan Tompson and Jordyn Woods. Truly, it all is an invasion of her privacy, much like Kourtney, but these were the moments captured. Another significant moment for Khloé was any time she talked about fertility issues so when she had finally got pregnant with True, I was over the moon for her as this was something she always wanted. Although kids are not for me, it truly made me feel for her and other women who want children but have trouble having them. Khloé Kardashian is a confident woman and is constantly trying to improve confidence in people and I mean, who doesn’t love a confident woman?


5. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, the highest-paid model. She has walked numerous catwalks with multiple front cover magazine shoots. Kendall does not appear regularly in the show like her other sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé due to the way her contract is set up with E! News and her busy modeling schedule meaning we don’t get much insight of her life. Even with this, the moments that Kendall shares while filming gives us a taste of how she is with her family. The Kendall moment that opened me up to her was in season 14 episode 17 where she opening up about her troubles with anxiety. The world is so used to Kendall strutting with confidence that sometimes we don’t take a step back to remember that they are real people. Because of her anxiety (as well as Kim’s robbery incident in Paris), Kendall is always on high alert and uses social media less. Since the airing of this episode, Kendall has been more open to this particular topic.


6. Kylie Jenner

Last, but certainly not least, we have the lovely Kylie Jenner. I believe Kylie was the one sister that pulled me into the Kardashian world and I am not mad about it at all. Similar to Kendall, Kylie is not on the show as much because of contract reasons, but the content we get from Kylie is always high on my list of rewatches. The most recent KUWTK clip that has been going viral on the internet is from season 13 episode seven. While the family was out at a restaurant, Kim starts a story about “beef” that she has with Kylie. She calls Kylie “[that] hoe” in passing and Kris questions “what hoe” while both Kim and Kylie point to Kylie, showing that Kim was talking about her youngest sister. Although it is not the nicest thing to say and they all know it’s not true, this is something we can relate to when talking to our closest girlfriends. We know our friends aren’t hoes, but if the term is used it’s always in a lighthearted, playful way. (All women are free to do what they please as long as they are happy. NO ONE IS A HOE.)


And as a bonus…


7. Scott Disick

Lord Disick. Even though Scott isn’t a Kardashian by blood, he is by heart and deserves his moment. Overall, Scott is a character within himself. Watching the series start to finish, I feel as if we watched Scott grow as a person. Every pit that fell in and every grave he dug for himself truly shaped him into who he is today and there were a lot of them in the earlier seasons of KUWTK. Some of Scott’s lighter moments were when we got a laugh out of his many pranks that he pulled on the family. Classic moments of Scott were his impersonation of Todd Kraines, who is a family friend, or when he helped Khloé turn into Kris for staged incriminating photoshoots.


I know that many people are not fans of the Kardashian family, but there are still great things that have happened within soon-to-be 20 seasons. To the fans, we will get through this, and to the KarJenners, I will forever be keeping up.

Imeera Cox

Montclair '22

Imeera Cox is a junior EOF scholar at Montclair State University and majors in Public Relations. Imeera is excited to write about what interest her from lifestyle tips, theatre, and social justice issues. During her free time, Imeera is usually binging her favorite TV shows or movie franchises, listening to many Musical Theatre soundtracks, or online shopping.
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