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Want to Get Into the Fall Spirit Without Spending a Dime? Take a Look at My Suggestions

You may have seen yourself picking out your favorite pair of leggings and your favorite sweatshirts to wear in the last couple of weeks. You know what that means… Summer has ended and Fall has officially crept upon us. All those Summer nights out, dinner dates with your gals, last-minute ice cream stops; now you’ve noticed that you barely even have ten dollars in your bank account. So, how will you get into the Fall spirit without any money left? Here are some suggestions to make it through this Fall! 

Go On A Hike

Are you looking for a fun workout to do this Fall rather than just working out at home? Hiking may be your next favorite workout this Fall! You don’t have to go hardcore, you can simply just hike with a couple of your gals and before you know it you’ll get a sweat on. This is one of the best activities to participate in this season whenever you feel tired of being home. You can find a great hiking spot and you can see all the leaves changed so far while on your hike! 

Scary Movie Night 

You can host a scary movie night with your gals! Pick out your favorite horror movies on your Netflix, Hulu, HBO or any other subscriptions you may have. Make some popcorn, grab some blankets and enjoy your scary movie night with your gals. After having some jump scares throughout the night, you and your gals will definitely be into the spirit this season!

DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks 

This Fall you may find yourself craving Starbucks’ famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes since it’s been back for the season. Scrolling through your friends snap stories and seeing them post their pumpkin spice lattes makes you crave it so much more and just want to get in your car and drive to the nearest Starbucks. However, this season you won’t have to do that, you’ll thank me later! There are millions of recipes out there on social media such as Tik Tok, Pinterest, and even Instagram where you can find step by step recipes on how to make the famous Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Make sure you share your homemade Starbucks Fall drinks this season on social media! 

Cozy Read-In Day 

Everyone has those days where it’s gloomy and you want to do absolutely nothing; but then at the same time, you want to get into the Fall spirit. Don’t worry, I see your dilemma and I have a solution for you! You can stay in your comfy clothes, messy bun, bare face and call it a day. Grab your favorite book, get your coziest blanket and have a cozy read-in day! To spice it up a bit, you can even find some Fall books to read for those days you feel like staying in. 

I hope this Fall season you find yourself enjoying it to the fullest! Even though your bank account might be crying, or if you just feel too lazy to go out and just want to stay in for the day. You can always look on the bright side and make it the best you can. Happy Fall ladies! 

Xoxo- Kyra 

Kyra Reyes

Montclair '23

Kyra Reyes is a sophomore at Montclair State University, she is majoring in Communication & Media Arts with a minor in Business Administration. Kyra is passionate in writing and with her articles she hopes to share a little bit of her knowledge. Because she is so dedicated to social media you can trust her to keep you in the loop with the new fashion trends and go-to styles in every editorial. Her interests includes social media, event planning, and spreading a little love around Her Campus. In her free time you can find her testing out new makeup trends, latest hot foodie spots, and talking to her boo.
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