Want to Explore Your Mind? I Have a Book for That

A few months ago I was at Five Below with my best friend and we were browsing this table of books. My eyes were drawn to a book by Lee Crutchley called The Nocturnal Journal. I flipped through some of the pages and it’s just full of mini-activities to do before bed. 

Some examples are writing where you are in life, and then where you want to be. “Your phone is buzzing. Who is it and what did they say” then write the reply. Write down your important thoughts, or even fill this whole page with made-up words. There’s many more activities but I just wrote down the first couple pages. 

This book is all about helping those people with a restless mind get some sleep while at the same time delving into your innermost thoughts. Now you may be thinking: “How can a book with some activities help me explore my mind?” Well that’s why this book is meant to be written at night.

When it’s late and you're tired the threshold between your emotions and thought is very weak. So you are more sensitive to your emotions at night. So this book helps you get all of those thoughts and emotions on paper.

Along with that, it's been proven that if you have anxiety keeping you awake at night writing it all down will help you relax- another thing this book does. Writing out your goals for the future and what you’ve accomplished in the past help relieve your stress by mapping things out for you and showing you how much you’ve already done for yourself.

It has also been proven that staying off electronics at night is one of the best ways to help you fall asleep and this book is a great way to get you off your phone but you’ll stay entertained while relaxing before bed. 

So this book is a great way to help you relax, ease some stress, and find out a little bit more about yourself while your emotional threshold is weakened; plus it’ll definitely help those night owls out there get a little more sleep because it’ll relax you more than you think.