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The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Firstly, is there a collegiette out there as excited as I am for The Walking Dead to have their fifth season premiere? On October 12th, you can already guess where I’ll be – in bed tuned into AMC with a bowl of popcorn (the healthy kind, obviously). Personally, I’m obsessed with Halloween. I will celebrate it all month long! Costumes, scary movies, hayrides, the list continues. Out of all activities, zombie apocalypses take the cake for Halloween favorites. With it being October and Halloween quickly approaching, what better way to kick off the holiday spirit by talking about some “Walkers.”

The fourth season left off with just about all of our zombie apocalypse favorites reuniting one small group by another to their, what was believed to be safe haven, “Terminus.” But, it ends with a plot twist of them being locked away in some kind of storage crate. The fifth season has been announced as the “darkest season yet.” Make sure you watch on an empty stomach for those with a soft spot because it is about to get downright horrific – but that’s what is expected, of course. New villains, more violence and a major death are all also expected. Now, I will not mention any spoilers (because I have read upon many) but that major death is definitely a fan favorite (don’t worry, it isn’t Rick). Also, whatever happened to Beth, Carol, Tyrese and Judith?! I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

If you have never watched The Walking Dead, I highly encourage you to. I hate anything gory but this show is addicting! I first stumbled upon TWD in Las Vegas channel surfing, and it has been an obsession since. For those who would like to catch up on all four seasons prior to the fifth season premiere, you can do so on Netflix. No need to fret, the fifth season is approaching fast. But, in all honesty, I can get through an entire season in a day. Four days, that’s all you need. Let the addiction begin! Happy Halloween!

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