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Looking to see an action-packed mystery featuring a kick ass female lead? Call up your girlfriends this weekend and head out to see The Veronica Mars Movie. This is the continuation of the hit CW show which came to an abrupt end in its third season without any sort of closure. Veronica Mars is the daughter of ex-county sheriff turned private investigator in the small town of Neptune, California. In the series, her best friend Lily Kane is murdered and, after the sheriff’s department gives up hope of finding the culprit, Veronica uses her sharp wit and inherited P.I. skills to find the killer. 
The long awaited crowd funded movie finds Veronica as a young professional in New York City, interviewing at prestigious law firms. She left her amateur private eye days back in Neptune and hasn’t returned since; but when ex-boyfriend Logan becomes the main suspect in the murder of his famous girlfriend, he calls for her help and is pulled back into her old ways at home among old friends and new. 
You can expect plenty of sarcasm and sass from Kristen Bell, reprising her role as Veronica, as well as the same palpable connection between herself and Jason Dohring, aka memorable ex-boyfriend Logan. If you’re interested in diving into the world of Veronica and her friends, check out all three seasons before heading to the movie; it’s not to be missed!
The Veronica Mars Movie is now playing in theaters everywhere. Check out www.theveronicamarsmovie.com for more info and showtimes!
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